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cheryl love Dec 2017
still as you like
as smooth as silk
as white as milk
it is snowing
I gaze
peering into the night sky
the stars like flakes of ice
gracefully make their way to fall
balancing on a tricky wire
a line of white
a contrast in the night
and all I can hear is
cheryl love Dec 2017
does not come often
then where does it go?
Blue moons are seldom seen
is it a figure of speech
Like the tidal flow
that the moon controls
does it control you
within reach?
A veil of mist drapes
itself around the cheese
like a blanket of hope
I can hear a voice
it is singing "Blue Moon"
Sweet just came too soon.
cheryl love Dec 2017
It is like walking in a mist
an opaque vision is to fear
lost in a fog in your mind
but will things become clear.
Come to a junction in a road
choices are left or right
no straight road is ahead
the decison becomes tight.
stressful, lost in a way unknown
no satellite navigation found
no internet for your mobile phone
there is emptiness all around.
Even the sun does not appear
at least you'd fathom east or west
instead you walk in a dense mist
and all that ou do is your best.
cheryl love Dec 2017
This year Santa has a particular personal worry
And I don’t mean to complicate the riddle
But when I say he has eaten far too much this year
And the weight has piled on around his middle.

Yes he has got far too fat around his girth
He is worried the sleigh won’t take his weight
Unfortunately unless he goes on a crash diet
He will be regretting what he ate!

The time came and to cut a long story short
He boarded along with the toys and was on his way
Rudolph noticed he was under some strain
And wondered what he has stuffed on the sleigh.

“What’s he got back there” moaned Dancer
The rest of them pulled hard to drive
They came to an abrupt halt on a roof
Santa shot down a chimney with a nose dive.

He realised he was the wrong way round
But then it had all gone mysteriously black
He wished he could understand the dilemma he was in
The truth of the matter he’d got stuck in the sack.

He arrived at the bottom in a heap with and a crash
Toys, paper and mince pies were everywhere
To put it bluntly he was in a complete mess
And I dare not say what had happened to his hair.

Rudolph gingerly looked through the window
And thought the view was indeed very weird
Santa has apparently got stuck in his sack
And he had carrots poking out of his beard.

Meanwhile just to complicate matters
His team players, the reindeers were getting merry
Eating mince pies like there was no tomorrow
And knocking back the extra dry sherry.

Rudolph managed to get Santa back in a heap
And plonked him on the trusty old sleigh
Carried on and did Santa’s job himself
In a Rudolph the red nose reindeer sort of way.

Thanking goodness that was over he can get some rest
And was proud that he had delivered the toys
What the family will think when they see the mess
And he hoped they didn’t hear the fuss and noise.
cheryl love Dec 2017
Now this tiny fairy wanted a garden
a garden where she was the chief
she would be in charge of colours of flowers
and she decided the size of each and every leaf.
She had to choose when each bud was to flower
and how much sunshine each plant was allowed.
She sheltered delicate plants from the heavy rain
and kept an eye on each and every cloud.
She would stand under a mushroom
it was a choice of whether or not to get wet
she would poke her tiny finger in the ground
at that point it was perfect for a seed to be set.
Today is her birthday, and she is the grand age of seven
she wanted a fairy garden she told me
This little cousin of mine was sent from Heaven
She is an angel, has wings, it is plain to see.
She is a thoughtful little girl, a fairy, beautiful, so bright
she is the apple of her daddy's eye
Happy birthday Lilli, an angel in pink glorious light
Spread your wings Lilli and one day you will fly high.

Written for my beautiful little cousin who is seven today.
She is so lovely, have a lovely day Lilli.
cheryl love Dec 2017
This golden little fish
had all but one crazy wish
to stop this boring swim
it was getting to him
spinning round and round the dish.
cheryl love Dec 2017
This is the story of diamond Fred
who spent endless hours in his shed
now that sound insane
but he could not refrain
from using his clever old head.

He would use his time to invent
and savoured every precious time spent
He was a Jack the lad
but that was not at all bad
his inventions were thoughtfully meant.

The fact that after they were made
they refused to work he was afraid
he was missing the old bolt
but it was not his fault
if his invention did not make the grade.

So he sat one day rubbing his old head
and came up with a bright idea instead
His faith had returned again
thanks to his marvellous brain
he could knock down and replace the shed.

Now was this really a good plan
he was now getting a rather old man
he let out a grunt
to put it a but blunt
his ideas were given an all time ban.

His wife took away the shed key
after  a long and painful plea
his wife saw red
and banned old Fred
he is now as miserable as can be.

The one thing that he could ever dread
was staring out of the window in his bed
he glared at his wife
he once had his own life
now he has to be a husband Diamond Fred.
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