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Sadness touches the lines on her face.
A face that was once smooth with grace.
Age came visiting and left the trace,
Now she is searching to find her place.

Beauty did once belong to her,
She believed it would last forever.
But time has marked her like the weather,
She is now lost amongst the wild heather.

Once they used to call her the Celtic Queen.
For many her beauty was always seen,
Now faded like an actress on the silent screen.
She is wondering why life seems like a scene.

She sometime wishes that she could die,
Because for her faded beauty she will cry.
If to be beautiful again she would try,
Beauty has left her and she ponders why.

But if she opened her eyes to see,
That in my eyes she is always beauty.
Time come to us as it has to be.
My Celtic Queen always is beautiful to me.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
cherry rose Feb 2015
Some days you feel you just cant and don't want to go on, The games have gotten old, tears streaming  down my face I can tell you which each tear drop means and what lays within it for my heart is breaking from each one. How I wish I had already finished this journey, Lathargic, I sit here staring at the walls not wanting to think, yet longing to numb my every tear that steals a heartbeat; a breath at a time. Why must I be made to feel helpless to block your choice on the wrong road,  While you think your only best friend is lifting that stench of liquor to your lips , with each sip you are  killing your spirit while mine silently weeps. Robbing my heartbeats as you forget the lies and forget to whom it was told . If truth were spoken from the start no lie would have to be remembered. Draining my will with not just the tears but the games played with my heart and mind. How I long to believe, but the truth reveals each and every lie. Breaking my spirit where escape is the only place I want to be. You think your actions only hurt you  . . . But they destroy this spirit ,so lift that bottle to your lying lips, tell those stories to cover your addiction. But please leave me in this place where I can no longer feel , leave me to cry these tears filled with nothing but lies .

© cherry rose 2015
Any Addiction affects those lives you are a part of. Do I walk away . I have watched the destruction left behind because I am part of what was left behind. Yet a mother's love is one that never stops. But my son's addiction is killing me inside silently, as I listen to lie after lie. Those few times he is sober I see the son I once knew. How I wish I could have that one back in my life. But he has chosen his road. Every now and then when he sobers up I try but unless he chooses to do it for himself, he returns to that what I call a nightmare for me and confusion for him.
She sketches the outline

Them darkens the pencils

Adding traces of fine shade

Time passes and her skill shows

As the picture begins to form

To stand out for the viewer to see

Each drawing is with loving care

They are like children to her

Nutured and made with love

Fairies dance with radiant colour

You can almost feel their smiles

The art glows as if it is alive

There is magic on that paper

That comes alive when you look

The perfection of a true artist
copyright Chris Smith 2010
cherry rose Feb 2015
That burning sensation that stops me in my tracks, When I  cant move my hands or take  one more step, I  want to let my knees hit the ground and bury my head into my self . Anywhere that the pain cannot be seen. I want to run till my body collapses from exhaustion. People see me laugh, smile, even when the pain strikes I  smile and wait till I can escape  holding my hands begging please  make the pain stop ,please let them  expand just enough to be able to turn the key, lift a cup of coffee, or grant me a nights sleep and let me wake up ready to fool the world again. I hide my port scars and any scars that cannot be seen by smiling through the torment left from the aftermath of survival.  People say wow you look great, I SMILE and say yes I'm doing well. Why share what they honestly do not want to know . ( no the cancer is not cured,) yes I'm in remission , yes it will awake with a wrath, and yes not a day goes by I don't face chemo side affects. No. No . No. The only thing they will see is the smile and the facade that cancer is just something you read about not something that touches your life in someone you know.  So the day I finally depart from this place it is not because of cancer it is because I chose to with grace and dignity. But yes I am just as human as you. But live with what makes me who I am, and moves through me in silence for an uncertain time.

(c) copyright of my life cherry rose Feb 2015
At this time I  am in remission. I will not surrender but know the outcome will never change. So I live one moment, one day at a time. And hope to never let life live me but through me. Blessed Be!
cherry rose Jan 2015
I cannot promise you any set number of years. We both know fate has control of a part of our lives. I can promise you that for as long as I breathe I  will love you  with every fiber of my existence, I  can promise you that I  will give you all  that I  am.  I can promise you love like you have never known I  cant say felt for there are things that have brought us to where we are now.  I can say forever  because I  will love you beyond  forever  and eternity even if I  love  you from where wings flutter as whispers  from hummingbirds or doves,  maybe even angel wings.  I can hope it will  show and give you a love  to carry within you always. You gave me back my dreams and fantasy with reason to believe in love once again . I promise to cherish us and our love even if it is from another place  but my heart is yours  till forever and eternal. when I  say I  love  you it is as you say for always and I  say forever .

© 2015 cherry rose
cherry rose Jan 2015
Let me be your canvas , leave your words imprinted upon me, let it begin with the touch of your lips kiss.
Don't leave a part of me untouched with each stroke. Let your fingers write out every desire setting me and my body on fire. Only you , your heart and soul will and can leave your autograph etched upon my skin with the feathered quill gliding from head to toe. Leave it placed upon and within me, engrave into me your every fantasy where they will bloom with the colors of your ever so sweet nectar you left embedded inside me. I will be your story where there is a beginning but never an end. For you breathed life into your story beginning with the true lovers kiss and the stroke upon this canvas now that craves to read more of your biography and bioliogy. This is where your ink gently inscribed will remain forevermore.

© copyright ~cherry rose 2015
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