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Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
I have this bottle of wine,
And no sleep.
You're all that's on my mind
And it's you,
I wish I could keep.

My heart is in my hands,
But you're too far to reach it.
I wish you could understand
Without your defenses.

I know I hurt you,
And I regret every second of it.
What can I do,
To prove this love is meant?

To be for us,
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Can we please discuss
What our hearts have to say?

You are too far for me to grasp,
Just out of reach.
Let's let go of our past.
I'll give the opening speech.

I love you,
And we're meant to be together..
I wish there was something I could do
To show you this burning fervor.

We're perfect for each other,
And I don't think you can see.
How this has occurred
And how much you really mean to me.

I'll keep drinking my wine,
While writing about how I feel.
My spine is aching.
I think I'm done with this confession...
This is unreal.
My heart is breaking,
And I have no destination.

I sit alone and think of you for hours
Wishing you were here to hold me.
But instead, upon myself I devour,
The idea of what I think is meant to be.
Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
The clouds are getting closer
With every breath
I take.
And stepping outside,
Brings a fear
I can't fake.
I started walking
Down the
Old gravel
Headed to
The place where
We would share
A laugh.
I sit, to think;
You come across
My mind.
Summer's come
To pass...
The clouds are getting closer
With every breath,
I take.
You've gone
Back home,
Some distance
Not having you here,
Is tearing me down
To the
At least
I know
Down this old gravel path,
We would lay
And watch the stars
Enveloped into
An illuminate bath.
As I lay here alone
And reminisce
With your presence
You left behind,
A sense of
With no one to call
My own,
I will be waiting for you when
Rolls around.
All alone.
As for now,
I'm staying
For my love,
Has finally
I will make sure to
I'll stay and
For However long
It will take.
The clouds are getting closer,
With every breath I take.
And stepping outside brings a fear I can't fake.
Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
The days pass like weeks.
The minutes like snow,
Freezing cold.
Time just wouldn't pass.
I looked in your eyes,
And was taken by surprise
When I got lost
And couldn't find my way home.
You said
"Thought is just a concept, and that's where we're at now. Just take my hand."
We left.
We've grown apart,
These few years.
We'll never look back,
Or shed a single tear.
I use to like you,
But love is such a strong word.
Let's throw it in the fire,
And watch it burn.
I'm sorry but we can't go on.
This is the end of our rope.
Time to be gone.
Love is so strong.
It's not what was ours.
A short summer fling
Is all you'll ever mean to me.
Years have passed.
The days like weeks.
The seasons have changed,
And so have we.
I still have the letters you wrote,
and pictures you've sent.
In a box on the top shelf,
Where they are meant.
I burned the love.
Shattered all hope.
Things have changed,
And that's how they'll stay.
The little good,
We can at least say;
"Our summer's occupied."
But that's all
That remained.
We'll think
"What if?"
But things can't be changed.
You don't mean a thing to me,
And that's how it'll stay.
I said,
You don't mean a thing to me,
And that's how it will stay.
Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
I wish you could read my mind
To see things from my perspective.
Here, I am always confined.
On a deeper level,
I feel we're connected.

Every little thing reminds me of you,
Because we're so **** alike.
What can I do?
I'm on fire inside.

Could you hear me out?
Just long enough for me to say,
That I love you, without a doubt,
And I wish I could convey..

My emotions.
With more than mere words.
To show you in motion,
And believe you might have heard...

My heart, from the inside out.
All of my insides,
Fluttering about.

Will you listen to me?
And maybe start to believe
the things we could be?

You mean the world to my soul.
I don't think you see that.
Let's put it on a poll
And see if you can perceive that.

I sit and think every night,
About how we could be.
I am given insight,
With a moment's worth
Of delightful grief.

We would be so perfect together,
Watching horror films.
No one could ever sever
This perfect dream, fulfilled.

Will you please be mine,
Just for one day?
You are my spine
And every little vertebrae.

You are the light ,
That guides my way.
Even if you live 1,000 Miles away,
I wouldn't mind.
I'd finally be okay.

Your embrace,
Would heal the damage that's been done.
To look you in the face,
I would have finally won...

The heart of the one,
I desire so gratefully.
The sun,
Has finally risen to complete me.

I'll sit here,
And daydream for the rest of my life.
If that's what it takes,
I will give you all my pride.

You have my heart.
Please take care of it.
There isn't a part,
Of you that would not fit.

The big picture I call my life,
and you complete me.
To you, I'll hand the knife,
Because there isn't a person I'd
Trust more.
I've fallen,
and I'm glued to the floor.  

Thank you,
For being who you are.
I don't know what I'd do,
If you were too far...

You're in my mind's reach.
That's good enough for me.
There isn't another way I'd
Gladly conceive...

The picture in my head,
Of how I wish us to be.
Can you please
Take care of my heart for me?
Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
Is there something more?
Constant analyzing,
What am I doing this for?

The drive,
Inside my mind
Keeps me confined.
At the same time,
makes me realize.

Going beyond what's already known,
To try and find a purpose.
Constant analyzing has shown,
That this is really worth it.

Stepping outside of all that I am,
seeking realization of "The Greater Plan."
Opening myself to new perspective,
and riding the spiral of self.

The meaning of life is what
We make it.
To find it,
We've got to dig deeper into the pit.

We are together in this.
Connected on another level.
All the bias
Has you afraid of the devil.

Step out,
And do't be afraid.
At what can be made.

With nothing to lose,
But yourself to gain.
Step out of it,
And into your shadow.
...Every answer you seek...
Ride the spiral,
At its peak.

Trust me,
And you will realize.
Trust me,
And open your eyes.
Trust me,
And no longer will you be paralyzed.
Trust me,
And jump on the current of life.
Chelsea Hopkins Feb 2013
The leaves are upon the ground,
Drowning out all signs of life.
Not one sound
As everything finally dies.

I sit here with loneliness,
It's leaking into my mind.
All of my bones,
Absorb the wine.

Life is gone,
And is slowly being ****** out of me.
I am a pawn,
alone with insanity.

Making up scenarios,
Of how I wish things to be.
My imagination grows,
And takes
over a part of me.

The sky is now black,
And death fills the air.
There's no going back
We've already been there.

Depression, and angst,
Are all that are hear.
Your pain,
Is terribly

Happiness is a virtue,
It's impossible to attain here.
Don't let it desert you,
Hold it dear.

Alone with loneliness,
And I can't shake it.
Into the abyss I go,
With not a place to sit.

— The End —