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Feb 2013
I wish you could read my mind
To see things from my perspective.
Here, I am always confined.
On a deeper level,
I feel we're connected.

Every little thing reminds me of you,
Because we're so **** alike.
What can I do?
I'm on fire inside.

Could you hear me out?
Just long enough for me to say,
That I love you, without a doubt,
And I wish I could convey..

My emotions.
With more than mere words.
To show you in motion,
And believe you might have heard...

My heart, from the inside out.
All of my insides,
Fluttering about.

Will you listen to me?
And maybe start to believe
the things we could be?

You mean the world to my soul.
I don't think you see that.
Let's put it on a poll
And see if you can perceive that.

I sit and think every night,
About how we could be.
I am given insight,
With a moment's worth
Of delightful grief.

We would be so perfect together,
Watching horror films.
No one could ever sever
This perfect dream, fulfilled.

Will you please be mine,
Just for one day?
You are my spine
And every little vertebrae.

You are the light ,
That guides my way.
Even if you live 1,000 Miles away,
I wouldn't mind.
I'd finally be okay.

Your embrace,
Would heal the damage that's been done.
To look you in the face,
I would have finally won...

The heart of the one,
I desire so gratefully.
The sun,
Has finally risen to complete me.

I'll sit here,
And daydream for the rest of my life.
If that's what it takes,
I will give you all my pride.

You have my heart.
Please take care of it.
There isn't a part,
Of you that would not fit.

The big picture I call my life,
and you complete me.
To you, I'll hand the knife,
Because there isn't a person I'd
Trust more.
I've fallen,
and I'm glued to the floor.  

Thank you,
For being who you are.
I don't know what I'd do,
If you were too far...

You're in my mind's reach.
That's good enough for me.
There isn't another way I'd
Gladly conceive...

The picture in my head,
Of how I wish us to be.
Can you please
Take care of my heart for me?
Chelsea Hopkins
Written by
Chelsea Hopkins  Dayton, Ohio
(Dayton, Ohio)   
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