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chava Feb 28
you say that our communication doesn't feel intimate
the only other option
is one that involves no communication
which would feel worse than ending it all together
and that's where we stood
on opposite ends of a cliff
waiting for the other to say the words
that will set us free

it doesn't matter which one of us said the words
we both knew what was happening
and although i am free
i still feel shackled to your love
it is the only love i have ever known
and for the better part of a year i never thought of being with anyone else
so what do i do now
chava Feb 8
there is so much time
and so many miles
that separate us
there are also
so many memories
yet to be made
and kisses that
have yet to be shared
chava Feb 1
my childhood memories
are like magnetic poetry
a simple word
can stand on its own
and spark a multitude of scenarios
a string of words
can un-pause a clip
from a home video
but you are
a jumble of words
that make no sense
the pieces can be rearranged
hundreds of times
and i will still be left
to piece it together
one by one
day by day
until i can forgive you
for turning my childhood memories
into broken pieces
and thank myself
for turning them
into poetry
chava Jan 16
i’m not going to apologize
for the things i’ve said
i will apologize
for the way those words
cut like a knife and
became misconstrued
i refuse to apologize
for my anxiety
chava Jan 7
if kissing you is lemonade
may there be the perfect amount of sweetness
may our love always be sweet
never sour
chava Jan 2
are the song
that i want to
play on repeat
to distract myself
from the world
that i currently reside in
i want to transform
into your song
and let the melody
take me away

it is safe here
inside your song
the chorus repeats
and i find comfort
in the repetition
chava Jan 1
i dream of a home
all for myself
it has the standing kitchen aid mixer
in turquoise that i’ve dreamed of
since i was a little girl
in the back
there is a garden
where i can
turn my thumb green
and grow the ingredients
to nourish my body
to nourish this earth
to nourish my soul
i use a record player
to play vinyl
and cleanse myself
every day is full of new surprises
and my green thumb
helps me
create my own destiny
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