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With words to describe the breaking pointthe threshold is above the boiling pointThe critical mass is already breachedand all I can think about is my diseaseAnd the frustration is setting inI can’t decide what is right on this path that some call lifeim just on a journey riding a pebble around the milky wayAnd I pray and I pray and I pray and I still can’t find my way oh oh oh oh ohwo wo wo wo  so what am I suppose to do. Maker of the heaven lead my shoes and set me on my path so they’ll all get off my ***.
Question on everythingAnswers to nothing
The life of a child is filled with the uncertainties
The loyalty of dog is never questioned
WhyThe price of lifeStill undecided
Could it be the price or happiness
Cheap to some
To other worth their life
The isolation of the world and the selfish desires of the consumers the Demons of the selfless
The red dragon slayed once more by saint George
The red fox once more outfoxed himself
And the red wheelbarrow once more pondered
The silence of spring is not yet know
Yet its warning were simply filibustered
The Constitution of man is on cannabis
And the brain yet free is still bound to earth
What is seen is not believed until the other Senses can agree
We can’t even trust ourselves
The world is full of Thomas’s
But where are the geniuses of sin
In the powers of state
And the archangel of the sinless is a minority
Caste to the chasten life of a three headed god in the temple
Of Zion on the River Tiberius
For the eagle flies in the fog led only by the call of Self indulgence
The root of all evil
Yet the reason for survival
The green frog jumps across the road But what is on the other side
That is the answer to the question
The rush of it allYou know the sensation of being lateThe rush to be on timeThe anxiety theThe frustrationWhy couldn’t it be more like the days of oldThe days I dream ofThe calmness and serenityWhere all is in rhythm with the heartbeat of lifeWhere time passes carelesslyWhen will there be only one goalOne preoccupation2006-
Everyone has that one spot that you can just go to and be in complete harmony.  Mine has always been the same. Its in the surf of the gulf of México, sun just peaking over the horizon and the only sound the unusual softness of the rhythmic waves against the Galveston beach. Fishing poles in my hand and a hat on my head I wade into the gulf out to the second sand bar jumping each wave and feeling the sand with my bare feet. It is here in the first few casts that I find utter peace in my soul.  The anticipation of a bite and the beauty of the sunrise over thewaves rejuvenate my total being. The ****** of pleasure I experience with each cast is so climatic that the thought of it alone is enough to bring pleasure.  The rhythmic movement of the waves massages the elixir of passion for me to extreme ends
Music is the sound that vibrates the soul. A true song fills your soul and frees your spirit.It invokes your being with passion It’s a sweetness that can never be too sweet.Written while listening to little wing by SRVThe tune carries the note on the melody paddling with the beat felt in my heart-Its serendipity vibrating the being.Fly away to the sound.Feel like a dove heaven boundBlow to new heights where the ground looks further than the stars.
Living on the road my friendis a gambit with no rewardIt’s the river before the turnthat folded on the flop.You outta take to the trailsThat out ran the fencesWhere the rubber and railAre still a ****** in arms
What am I suppose to do?You tell me no, but then you doWhat kind of environment is this?Not healthy to me or youWhat shall one do but lie.
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