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inside out of nothingnexius of imaginationnarcissis of beautyvisions of serenitymeandering waves of utter translucence placid peaceTroubled by the feelings of guiltin love with lifetouched by light
in my eyes im fishing the pylons,awed by the sunset, inspired by the with nature and its pure beauty,firmness in body and spirit: Alive.pure and simply energized by the elixir of lifeLove. with Love comes spirit expounds Joy to the extentthat one couldn’t contain it inside himselfthe pureness and simplicity in which I can be pleasedis identical to the pureness and simplicity of love
fairest maiden watcher of the skieswhile I wrote this I was so highon that tropical grass that knocks you on your assoh phisher of the skies and creator of alibisgive me a simile to communicate the feelings I need to say.  It’s the mushroom tea, the pint of lean, and all this ****, that keeps recalling the collective unconscious of my childhood memoriesand it makes me see the path in front of me and the relationships that made me what I am. A man that can’t be soberdue to the decisions I’ve made latelyits plain to see that this ecstasy has made me quite stupid.its like a mountain breeze that moves through youlike the good vibrations humans create while love makingyou waltz across my mindo’ keeper of timeascending towards the stratosphere you glidegently back to earth to find a pipe loaded just right packed fat and wide as SPM’s chromed our spinnersplatinum grill and plasma screens fallin’ I dream for serendipity to overcome me while im covered in your ecstasy
He was meant to live for something more. His life is unfinishedBrush your shoulders off and dig inLight that fire and burn it downyou still have stuff to doWake up: Get upDon’t Give up
should I falter will you  catch meare you quick enough to keep upmy guardian angelare you even really out theremy guardian angelwhere are you for my best friendsprotect them when they are in perilin times of need where are there angelsdo they not love me as you domy guardian angeldo you really love me at allmy guardian angeldoes there life not matter to youas it matters to me today2003-
I wish to be free to thinkWithout limitsBirthed again without sin in the unique place I rest my headOnly with no thoughts but my own wild dreamsTo be released into this world as a dreamer and ******* of branchesAs a newbie donning the cape of ignorance and embracing the sword of naivetyA knight or chivalry not know to this generationA pallium to imagine to wildest and purestAn arrow to the sky propelled by desire to fly
atop the highest tree you can seethe other side. from the on-ramp to the toll-wayto the park-and-rideacross the retention pond.the ocean is in view if you look to the rightof those houses.this scene to seepurges me to the tenth degree.from atop my perch I’ve given birth to a transformed me.In Virtual Insanityresides amalgamationin fascination with our nation.2005-
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