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Caitlyn Fletcher Sep 2019
I love someone I can't love anymore
And it haunts me to my bones
Caitlyn Fletcher Jun 2019
I could travel the world
Fall in love a hundred times
Search from the highest mountains
To the deepest seas
But yet your arms will always feel the most like home to me
Caitlyn Fletcher Jun 2019
My hell exists
It's in the middle of the night
With a dagger to my heart
Knowing I'm without you
Caitlyn Fletcher Jun 2019
Standing on the rooftop with you
I want to see the world
Specks of stars in the sky
The man in the moon
Traffic humming in the background
I look in your eyes
Feelings come rushing back
Years of memories we have
I want to touch your skin
Feel your lips on mine
There's nothing more I want
But you're not mine
And it kills me to stand so close to you
And pretend I'm just fine
When I never stopped loving you
But time isn't on our side
Too early, too late
Could never get it quite right
But I would wait till the end of time
Just to have your lips on mine
Caitlyn Fletcher May 2019
I hope when my time has come
And I'm long gone
Someone looks at my words
The words that came from my soul
All the feelings of love, pain, happiness, emptiness, growth
And they know they would have loved me
Caitlyn Fletcher May 2019
Meet me in my dreams tonight
Where we can be together
And not have a worry in the world
Just the two of us
Till the sun shines
Caitlyn Fletcher May 2019
My life is a book
Full of words, love, life
Heartbreak, loss, victories
Of firsts and lasts
Lessons and memories
Some pages are torn
Battered and worn
Stained with time
Others are filled with stories
While some are fresh pages
Waiting for the touch of ink
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