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It's a glance,
Then it's a stare
Then it's a glare...
You glance my way
but I turn away.
You stare at me
Then I wonderwhat's to be.
You glare when I walk past
As my smile touches my lips,
and you glare.
When I frown,
You stare
When I sing my heartout,
You glance....
The floodgates have been opened,
catching me unware
I'm caught
beneath the onslaught of rushing water,
As I am being tumbled
to the bottom
I know I need to move
But as much as I try
My efforts are furtile
But I still try
Without success
As the showers pour,
Let laughter burst forth,
As the thunder roars,
Let the sound of applause mimic it.
As the sun shines,
Let your pearly whites show.
As the flowers bloom,
Let your love grow.
As the whistles blow,
Let your hearts glow.
For there is one God,
One above all,
Who carriers us all as His load.
Another face in the crowd,
Another fan without pride.
As the tears roll down my cheeks,
Never did I think I was so weak,
To be such a fool....
To drool,
Over a pretty face.
To be ensnared,
As I stare.
At the man on stage,
Hoping his name is not something
I write on another page.
As reality hits,
More tears fall over the tips.
As the truth is known,
the thoughts of an opportunity has flown.
Out of the door,
As ithits me to the core,
With every new chord.
From my lips pours out your name.
Like a waterfall cascades down,
a rocky path.
It's an uphill journey,
to the one I love most.
A sunset captured in a bottle.
A rose flowering within a jar.
Made of clay I am
But a daughter of a King I am today
like a fool I fall in love
but like a fool it is only one sided
As a rose is crimson red,
So are my cheeks when I see you,
yet this river does not flow upstream,
Only downstream.
And that is how it is when you,
pass me by.
Like a hiker trapped on a mountain top,
Only he can see the rescue plane.
As you pass me by,
It is the same as I say Hi.
The owl Hoots
In the dead of Night
Your voice calls
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