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CBL Dec 2021
Asleep in my bed
Resting, but not restful
startled awake
by a deep rumbling snore
That is not my own
Who is here?
The fear is icy cold and I hold my breath
Until my doggie
Asleep further in the dark
Shifts and can breathe easy once again
The adrenaline drains as quickly as it came
Fatigue overtakes
Asleep in my bed
Now restful and resting
Why didn't anyone ever tell me that sometimes when dogs snore it sounds like an unfamiliar person?!?!?! I thought I was going to die.
CBL Dec 2021
Dreams, once strong and true
Wither away as I scroll
Why did I want this?
CBL Dec 2021
How did I get here?
Why can't I remember now
Who I was before?
CBL Sep 2019
Pale sunlight shines down
Piercing through crisp autumn air
The cold approaches
CBL Sep 2019
Red, orange, yellow
Leaves swirl from their branches
But they will be back
CBL Sep 2019
Cinnamon Cider
Steam curls up into the air
I feel safe and warm
CBL Sep 2019
The sun sets, I run
The stars watch me from above
The cold helps me think
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