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My lungs are closing up
I need you to give me air
I guess it's kinda hard to to do when
Your not even there

I need to have security
I need your comforting safety
I need you here with me now
With your tight arms around me

But you given up
You can't handle burden
The only thing I can replace you
With is burning bourbon

The reason why it burns
Is because the air I can get on my own
But you've given up on me
Don't worry, I won't be coming home

Walking in the night and notice the dark
It's looks really far
But it doesn't matter anymore
To you I'm just and old scar

I'm dead on the inside
But somehow I'm still breathing
I think it's pulmonary shock
Of both of us leaving

You ran to the liquor
To try and drink out the hole
You have no idea the damage
Done to my soul
Frightened of what I will become
Scared of what I already am.

Sad of what I have all done
Frustrated of what I can't.

Angry of what I cannot change
Regretful of the things that I switched

Disappointed of all my lies
Grateful of them instead of the truth

Thankful nobody knows my mind
Hurt so bad because nobody can

Isolated because nobody realizes
Watched over suspicion

Heart and mind are separated
because they cannot work together

Emotions run too fast
Descions ramble on

Choices are all clouded over
Directions aren't even clear

The pen bleeds the ink for me
And the pencil scratches the graphite

The paper suffers silently
Getting stained with pressure

Understanding how the paper suffers in silence
Knowing why is because nobody will listen
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Is it the reflection that looks happy?
Who has nice tan skin?
The cat eye eyeliner?
The rosy blush?
The killer collarbones?
The thigh gap?
The size zero waist?
The flirty bad girl smile?
The one who loves to party?
The one who loves to party too much?
Who will end up breaking your heart?

Or is it the reflection who looks alone?
With the pale, unkissed skin?
The one who doesn't wear make up?
The one who doesn't cover herself up?
The girl without the collarbones ?
The girl who's just a little bit chubby ?
The size healthy waist?
The one with the crooked grin?
The one who loves to listen?
The one who will always listen to you?
Because instead of breaking your heart, she breaks her own by trying to mend a crack that can't be filled by herself, but she won't be the reflection you want, but the reality you need to get away from the mirror on the wall.
Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, rusted on waiting to fall

No glass slippers for those who don't dance
No fiction princess gets a second chance

Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, shadow behind standing tall

The past can't escape for those you love,
leading through the labyrinth like a blackened dove

Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, all those moments you want to stall

Are gone and forever over, trying to plan a better Tomorrow
Trying to not see the pain and the sorrow

Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, rushed and had to miss the ball

Mad at you for leaving behind
A trace of evidence they might find
You are at a short time
Running before the bells chime

Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, try to to hide from everybody's calls

Wipe away the tears and cries
Feed them full with all your lies
But nobody can deny
The blankness in your eyes  

Grimm mirror, Grimm mirror, grime on the wall, the heart can only hold so many emotions at all

All the time you wasted
Time made it aged
All of the cries are faded
Even the "hallowed be thy nameth"
If looks could ****
You'd be gone
Locked and stuffed
Away from me

If looks could ****
You'd be a pastel shade
Of white . Gone
Like my sanity

If looks could ****
You'd be in agony
Like me

If looks could ****
You heart would
Hurt like mine does

If looks could ****
Nobody would ever find you
Except me maybe

If looks could ****
You'd be sporting
A gunshot wound
Between the eyes

If looks could ****
You'd be praying or
Blabbing jibberish

If looks could ****
You be wearing new bracelets
Of red ink

If looks could ****
You'd have a new rope
Necklace because your so

If looks could ****
I'd die on the spot and
My heart would give out
From that look you gave
Tears Tears Tears
They mingle w/ the
Fears Fears Fears

Anger Anger Anger
Reflects the
Danger Danger Danger

Bruises Bruises Bruises
Shows how many battles I've
Losed Losed Losed

Ache Ache Ache
Where my big heart
Breaks Breaks Breaks
Living life is too easy but pretending life is easy is too hard

Though I will say my silent goodbyes
Everything dies but not everything lives
The life I  gained the life  I lost the life I replaced

The pain in life came from a previous life
The tears in life come from the regrets
The anger in life came from things you couldn't change
The sight in life came from the blindness
The confusion in life came from blankness
The sadness in life came from the heartache
The memories in life came from the moments
In life death flashes before your eyes
In death life flashes before your eyes
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