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Casper DM Aug 2012
Strung out in heaven, I fell from the start,
Deep pools of ocean blue, you captured my heart
Waited forever for lips to set me free,
But the haunt of your smile now imprisons me,

Standing on the corner, I hear the devil sing
Notes in the darkness I don’t dare to dream,
Late last summer, is farther than it seems
My charmed life has lost its gleem,

I keep finding my way, my way back to you again
I keep fighting my way, my way back to you again
I keep praying my way, my way back to you again
I keep stumbling my way, my way back to you, again.

Some say a poet, some call me a cad,
You call me ******, for living with a past,
You know I waited for you to change your mind,
I’m standing a shadow,
Running out of time

Battered & broken, Thirteen across this chest,
Scarred & defeated,The wicked get no rest,
You know I waited for you to change your mind,
I’m only a shadow,
running out of time.
Casper DM Aug 2012
Living with you & your memories,
Blue, hollow heart and haunted mind.
And she's the needle
That you come back too
And the riddle,
You can't unwind,
You can't unwind.

I never bought that line that you're crazy
A wasted man
Beyond repair,
And through your purple eyes,
I can see the light
And through your whiskey lies,
I can hear the truth
The truth unwinds.

Living with you & your memories,
The ***** & pills have taken a toll,
And you’re the needle
That lays beside me
& The riddle I can’t unwind,
I can’t unwind,

I'm gonna wait, til you really love me
til you really need me
Want me around
and it's gonna take
A mountain to move me
And ocean to lose me
To swallow me down,
I'm gonna wait.
Casper DM Aug 2012
Sometimes I fear you hanging me form a string.
with the Lines running down the back of your legs to those heels,
For you’re sure to adore, then ignore and set me free,
Cast me asail and alone on a sea of misery,

But baby don’t Go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me

I fell asleep in the deep black ink of your retreat,
In my slumber I fell with my heart peeled  a heavy beat,
well you froze from the words that my love mouth did preach,
Pulled away for today left my head twisted in deceit,

But Baby don’t go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me
Baby don’t go
You were meant for me

But don’t worry baby,
They call this the honeymoon,
I’ll take you for granted,
And it’ll be happenin’ soon
You’ll learn to hate,
The way I say your name,
I’ll fall to my knees to whisper again,
Casper DM Aug 2012
In my foolish rush to be,
I passed everything by,
I took chance upon chance,
Scheming for the next big thing.
The next big push,
As I let them all slip away,
One by one.
Through my gambler's hands.
I knocked all of it down,
Expectations, ambitions,
Searching for fulfillment,
Of the false prophecy,
Of emptiness.
Whittled into an old fool,
Upon his knees,
As a broken dog,
Feeding on the scraps of cast off love affairs.
Deserving of no more than this.
The standing dead tree,
Too rotten to harvest,
A waste of space.
Casper DM Aug 2012
It happens more
Often than not,
I look in the mirror of your eyes
Hear the tremble that lives
Deep in your throat
Watch the carnival dance of
Uneasy skeletons as your lips
Part to repeat one thing,
Just one thing, Over
And over again.
Hold you to feel the want,
Knowing that You Struggle,
To push away first.
Lay alone with you
To remain alone,
And it is this:
That I am you,
And you, I.
Casper DM Aug 2012
It started as small engine,
Of the insect wings.
The ballet between the stem,
And the seducer.
The blossom to be violated,
With the natural lust,
Of flight.
The swelling tummy,
And promise of peace,
Of fulfillment and joy.
And gods own
Breath upon the skin.
Hope that fights,
Against an early frost,
Hides from the aphid's teeth,
And swallows beak.
Proud mother glowing from Color,
Of a slow ripening fruit,
Upon the branches.
Basking in the sun and moon,
And growing bolder still.
Praying for the moment of release,
Never turning to watch the tears,
Left in it's place.
Wanting, yet
Knowing never,
To be collected.
Left here,
Upon the cold
Dead leaves of ancestors.
Eaten away with decay,
Taken by the disease,
Of this earth.
As tears fall from high,
Only to shatter
Against the frozen ground.
Casper DM Aug 2012
Everyday she was by my side
In puddles of morning rain,
Wet sneakers splashing.
Arms wrapped around,
Sore shoulders
Hanging, dead weight.
Eyes squinting at the Sun's
Awakening, early morning blooms.
In the cold dark of night,
The warmth of her to keep me,
Safe from the ice storms of my dreams.
Everyday she was by my side.
until now, now the chill of my life
Runs unchecked, my now dry feet
Colder still.
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