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CASEY Aug 2014
I wanna escape reality.
To find the solitude of our stars.
Flee to cliff edges,
And lose myself in the Milky Way that your skin shines in the moon's half light.
I wanna feel the tides lap at my feet, and dance with you under the melodious sky,
Painting ourselves with starlight in the shadows of this night.
I want to be translucent with you,
Dissipate just enough for all the hardships to slip through.
Where nothing is true, but the fire of your skin on mine,
Your eyes drinking in the shallow pools of my mind.
Where we can chase demons through black sands, and send them running with our own list of demands.
And then fall down, upon the thousands of rock memories, those mountains ground slowly to dust, and revel in the sweet serenity of those mountains specks of forever, as they become metaphors for us,
Making our own specks, bright shards, like the smiling stars,
Sand in the hour glass of our forever.
The brightest bits, that we've ground down together.

Until, exhausted, and covered in sweet ocean-mountain dust,
We come back to face it all again,
City lights, and worries, and pain.
But it's ok, For I am safe from life's harms.
But only because I know when we get back, I can face this reality in your arms.
CASEY Jul 2014
We are the dreamers.
The wandering souls.

We are lost in time.
As much as time is lost in us
Cause darling we are made of all kinds of Devine.

So I'll give you your dreams,
If you give me mine.
I'll fill your hidden places,
Ill Undress in your mind.
Ill Show you all the flaws in my very design.
The cracks in this veneer,
Expelling light as you make me lighter than air.

I asked for high tides
And I am high in your tides
Rolling through waves
To where your heart resides.

Where I shall speak to your soul.

And we will amalgamate,
We will levitate,
We will be struck by the very magnitude of how our souls gravitate.
Revelling in the fire of meteor showers and the salt of tidal waves.
Sweet salty tidal waves.
And all the intimacy that your body craves.

you, who have hidden all these things,
From the world, or maybe from yourself.
Stacked between your heart and the things that could hurt you,
Like a series of bloodied trinkets on a shelf.

So maybe you are stone,
All of you stone.
And I am your pestle,
Grinding these things between us to dust.
And sprinkling them into the sweet recipes of our future.
Kneading them together with passion and lust.

Or maybe you are steel,
All of you steel.
And I am your alloy,
Melting with you into something new,
Surfacing all our flaws, transformed into beauty,
With our iridescent life lights that gleam through.

So you are stone and my oceans crash against you.

So you are steel and my armour is useless against you.

So I am yours, this heart beats for you.
CASEY Jun 2014
You and I, we took a walk,
And as the darkening sky chased away the sun,
We both were aware.
That a spark of something between us had begun.

Our path, marked with shadows,
With moonlight filtering through..
Silver lines, glimmering beacons of clarity,
And sticatto images of me and you..


We've begun an adventure,
Filled with endless possibilities.
And with every lingering kiss,
You are awakening my sensibilities.

Our vision is hazy,
Like the darkness dancing between those trees..
We are blindly placing footsteps,
Though they fall with surprising ease.

And I feel serendipitous,
When I am in your arms.
Your lips are sweet, your mind sweeter,
I am succumbing to your charms..

June 15 2014
CASEY Jun 2014
Your eyes shine brightly,
Even in the dark..
Glistening with muted colours,
Like light shards in the tidemark.

I beg for metaphorical moons,
To bring forth again your oceans..
To bathe in your most majestic parts,
And go swimming in your darkest emotions.

Already your touch is like a salty sea breeze,
Sending ripples across my surface..
An amalgamation of fire, ice and tidal waves,
(I wonder if you do it on purpose..?)

You are rushing through my senses..
You are crumbling my defences.

And I am loving every moment of it.

June 22 2014
CASEY Jan 2014
I will wrap you in my life light.
For as long as I still wield it.
So it can hold you, through every sleepless night.
When my body and yours no longer fit.

I would let it all go, so you could be whole,
My lights last flickering flame.
To wash through and heal your soul,
Of the demons you cannot tame.
CASEY Dec 2013
You said you wanted to know,
How you appear through another's eyes.
I wonder though, how YOU see you,
How much of what I see is a disguise.


I want to tell you how you taste,
Of cool rain and fire.
With petalled lips and milky skin,
Flushing crimson with desire.

Sometimes I can hear the soft notes of the music that moves you,
Dancing along parted lips.
Spilling secrets and an incandescent light,
Celestial parts, that you'd normally eclipse.

Sometimes you seem far off,
Battling monsters beneath the surface.
Externally calm, like the eye of a storm,
While the rest of us play part in life's circus.

Sometimes I want to trace your scars,
Which only tell truths in part.
And cannot even begin to tell,
Of the scars criss-crossing your heart.

..and still, delicate, like intricate lace,
Following the curves of your figure.
Woman, you are beautiful!
I'm not sure how you can't see that in your mirror.

I do not know your story,
The things that you have seen.
But I can see you've earnt your armour,
Placed around you like a screen.

So, please forgive this, a glimpse of how I see.
You, your being, your purpose.

And despite all these things,
There's untold more beneath your surface.
CASEY Sep 2013
You are my spring,
Warm and breezy.
In your sunny insouciance,
I am pacified,

You are my lover,
Hot and knowing.
In your embrace,
I am exalted,

You are my god,
Transcendental and virtuous.
In your divinity,
I am lustrated,

You are my Toulouse,
Beautiful and attentive.
In your heart,
I am home,
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