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call me a coward,
but this world
is a gaping mouth
waiting to
my every open wound.

the soil,the rocks,the waves
are at war with a faceless god.

and none of us are
none of us are

we stand
as bullets,
and bombs,
waiting to ignite.
I look up into the night sky
And see nothing but dreams
And broken promises
I wish for the best
And then I look up
To see my wish with everyone else's
Unanswered hopes
Let history be written

But burned fast away

And our children

Remain ignorant

Like we were

“Back in the day”

But don’t mistake

Age or politics for wisdom

You can be old, Stupid

And never rid of em’

The youth to us

Is ridiculed with vague defense

The truth to us

Is covered with continued offense

Because you must fight

For wisdom and fight

For more

Speak up for the World

And even the poor

Because nothing will change

If you don’t help it

It doesn’t matter

What hardship you’ve dealt with

This is a congruity

A speaker for the masses

This is every malformed thought

You forgot you fastened

But words burn in hearts

And hearts are forever fired like the sun

Educate yourself,

Mr.Hoping To Be President, before you choose to run
I want you to remember my name when everything is forgotten,
It’s fine that the world consigns to oblivion,
It needs a absence from the weight it was given.
Remind yourself of your perfect soul, Let that remind you of me,
of my need to find a reason why
Let me go to sleep keeping you as the reason tonight
the reason to try,
before I forget that I exist.
They said I might have Writers Block
But I've never considered myself a "writer"
Writers write for others
Writers write to make others feel emotion
I write for me
I write to unearth all of my emotions
That I buried long ago
I write when my mind can only peace together words
That I'm far to afraid to say aloud
So I write them down
and call them poems
How can I be a writer?
a writer carefully selects and places there words
i just spit them out onto paper
I see no art in my poems
I see me
a person
not an artist
but what is an artist or a writer?
but simply a label
so maybe I can label myself a writer
and fancy calling myself one
maybe I can add a little....
to who I am
to what I do
and maybe it does have to be for just me
I don't make a impact
I simply breeze around others lives
Forever just to be a girl they once knew
I'm nothing in this world filled with
Hate and love
Just a kid with unheard opinions
And broken screams
I'll never cross a bridge
into a different state of mind
The traffic of my nerves
would never pardon me or be so kind.
But the currents pulsing
in the wires above my head
are burning into my skull
my joints convulse
and flicker my soul,
morse code for
"Do or Die"
as in,
Do not call this a tragedy
Or an impeding doom, I'll
Die in the confines of Kobains last words
"It's better to burn out then fade away"
I'll be better as charred dust
in the minds those who feel dismay,
then are like the life of the unexpected victims heart, eternally in delay
Our ears remain open
Listening for your story
Let the words soak through

We wait as you shake
And your droplets descend on
Gasping for the past

I sit alone here
Comforting you, when they leave
Stealing your worries

Turning them into
Open stories for you to
Utter towards me

I listen waiting,
Then you speak,without restraint
So I let you speak

Then offer myself
As help and encouragement
For you to remain
We walk bare footed through
City streets
Trying to seem

We cross paths
On our city streets
Barefooted and

We notice now
Our silliness
And our helpless

And turn our heads
To see a man
Walking through thorns
Without pain

Cuts and cuts
Swallow him
But he feels

The man is but
A dream to us
Our invincibility
Has gone
I get up every morning
Only to fall into oblivion
Steadily floating
Through another vapid day
Praying with my eyes
Wide open
For a different sight
Holding close to my
As the waves wash me back
To the bliss shore of sleep
I will always prefer twigs over your diamonds

I've always been that girl

Playing in the mud

And laughing 'till i cry

An odd one?

M a y b e

But trust me

I'f you ever find me on the street

Say  a n y t h i n g

I don't need diamond words

When i have my twig

S m i l e,

And my youth
Summer sets its heavy heels
on top of the changing trees,
Like the season I waste away,
I will decay...
from drinking too much bleach.

But the ***** killed me more
as I let it burn my throat,
As I let myself blackout,
Only to wake up in the middle
of another conversation I’ll regret,
As I promise i’m still sane.

My mind poisoned me more
than the misunderstood bleach ever could.

This head of mine has ****** me dry.
Forced me to think alive.
But die inside my bones.

But worst of all...
It cut my tongue and blinded me
to the point where I thought I actually
wanted to see.
Tenor my thoughts
Relieve my stress
Balance my heartache
Rivers water
Flow through me
Take me apart from you
Lock me up in this night sky
Because I want to breathe in the stars
Let the galaxy blend into my body
And my heart to be in tune with Mars

I know one day I'll have to see your face
And I know my throat will be clogged
Because being with your smile
Is something my soul will keep logged

We're nothing but dust and diamonds
We're everything we've ever said
You're a lover and I'm a lost dreamer
And that's why our eyes are ringed red

Could you come down from the clouds?
And just surround my dark life
We've always known we are our own disasters
But we're each others rescues that make sense of the strife
I haven't seen many acrostic poems on this site.
guide my eyes to see in the dark
While pushing me towards the light
I've finally found why I'm so afraid
of love and happiness
My eyes have grown custom
To dark hopeless cries
That so when i feel the love
Its like a blinding light
I thought your chest
was a hole
to another galaxy

and the only way
I could touch
the stars

was to tear you apart.
Ash falls from the clear blue sky
The heat of flames crackle nearby

As the key to be free turns
And the excitement of freedom burns

As your shackles and chains fall off your cold wrists
And you prepare to use your fists

But no one is there to fight you but a mirror
and now you see everything clearer

the only person holding you down was yourself
and now you know the feeling of freeing yourself
And she won't be afraid
She will stay strong
She will not cry
In till you leave

Listen to her thoughts
Over and in repeat
Taking in her eye for photographs
She's always filming me

she  takes it in
she breathes it out
she sets the scene
so she can scream

And  let it out
Through her hands
Into her pen
Etching words that hold her mind

A artist
Bleeding through
Our societies
Worthless bandages

She needs herself
She needs someone else
She has her ideas
Expressing them though,

scares her into,
covering up,
getting jacked up,
and breaking down
To hell
We part on sacred soil
A cemetery
We do uncoil

Creeping out
Of wretched tombs
rising up
To create ones gloom

Shatter panes
Crunch beneath are kind
As we march
Waiting to embrace the find

Our game
We play with hitched delight
Crawling to you
And triggering your flight

My name is
A gruel of zombie kind
Raging through
To make death and divine
Handwriting is a personality of the pen
no,the hand,
no,the writer,
no,the human,
no,the water,
no, the ink,
It's the art of trying not to sink
Have you heard that
Every sweet song
Has sorrow under its wings
That every wooden soul
Can burn with a blaze
That every tear shed
Is a waterfall of emotions
Breaking down
That every tired eye
Is alight with the night
And have you heard that
Heart versus heart
Every drop of blood
Is rich with troubled times
And joyous finds
I am not a wreck
I am the wreckage
of cigarette butts and stardust
I'm betting you're not in love
And I'm hoping that I'm right
Why love a girl who denies her own flight

I am not a tragedy
I am the unconfined breeze
That destroys the home of ideas

I am the smoke you release from your lungs
You said once, it was beautiful as it evaporates

Am I beautiful as I evaporate?
There was once hope
And I knew how to cope
But my mother ran away to elope
And I started to depend on dope
As I tried to hang myself with rope

The darkness won
I forgot how to have fun
I wanted my life to be done
I learned what it's like to be shunned
And the pain weighed me down as if it was 1,000 tons

So I started seeing a therapist named Lee
But eventually she had too high of a fee
And I was alone with the monsters inside of me
They kept biting and cutting, They never let me be
And all the scars, No one would ever see

As the pain remained, I grew old
I never could fit in a happy, smiling mold
And it was my suicide note that I decided to fold
And all my treasures have been sold
Suicide took me, My heart died cold.
If I die
Before I wake
I pray that you
Can take me away

Take me to hell, Or take me to heaven
As long as I'm no longer stuck
On an Earth that finds luck
In the number seven

You could take me down deep
Where the water is dark
I could hopefully swim
Amongst the sharks

You could take me to graveyards
So I could say adieu to my ghosts
I could walk on the gravestones
Releasing my spirit, I'd no longer be a host

You could take me to rivers
That I've never seen
I could carefully swim
Trying to know what this all means

You could take me anywhere
Any insignificant place
So maybe I could understand
The epitome of my fate.
You tried to change me and i just walked away
I'm not sorry
I said goodbye and just left
And I'm not sorry
I didn't forgive you
And I'm not sorry
I told you how i felt about you
And I'm not sorry
I gave up everything to forget you
And I'm not sorry
I did what i wanted
And I'm not sorry
I don't love you
And I'm not sorry

I took advantage of you
And I'm sorry
I didn't listen to you
And I'm sorry
I never opened up
And I'm sorry
I never answered your questions
And I'm sorry
I lied to you
And I'm sorry
I changed you
And I'm sorry
I let us burn out
And I'm sorry

But what I'm truly sorry for
Is i broke your heart
While trying to find mine
I am infected with my own mortality,
as if I have given up
on dreaming.

But it is told that no love is found in the truth.

So I lie to myself
in quiet whispers.
Tell myself that emotions
are not

What a nightmare
infinity is
when you're trying to sleep
but your heart still beats.
You whispered baiting words
Through little wispy breathes
And countered my actions with present pain
You forced a fake love into myself
And entered my youthful exposure
well baby guess what?
**** your composure!
This is simple
           This is quick
                       My mind is dying, It's decadence
and when I ask for help, Everyone only speaks static
Far to often I find that I spit my words out
Not to let them be known but to shun them from my brain
What's the point of picking careful words
When all that's left of them is stale, bitter, cold?
I find myself closing my eyes
Trying to imagine a better day
But days don't get better
Days can't get worse
Days steep in kettles
In till they are poured
Our hands are teacups
It explains all the burns
We stick out our tongues for a sip
Of the day that left in the empty spaces
Spaces we purposely put between our fingers
I chug the tea that is now cold
Reminding me of memories
That stuck to the leaves in a metal ***
I go to the garden
and pluck my lies and wrap them up
Here my love, take a bouquet
I swear, I swear, I swear.
I spit my words.
I drop my days.
I close my eyes.
And I can't be saved.
Marching through
Painted streets
Closing in on the prize
Stopping short
Off the pavement

With white bleached spools
Off the thread
A long white coat
Lay on the grass

Its ignorance
To its misplacement
As its sleeves pick up
A small breeze

Every person scatters by
Except the little girl
She looks in awe
Seeing something that
Adults can't truly understand

Her mothers hand clasped between
Her miniature fingers
She is pulled along
Away from that coat
That she can't seem to comprehend

Maybe it's the pure randomness
Or it stranded frays
But the girl somehow knows
It's inevitable ways

As she walks quickly away
Her mother pulling her along
She smiles with her young delight
Giving words,a story,a past

To a long white coat
To a random placement
To a meaningless experience
To just another day
Now this aching feeling
It's tearing me apart
And this devilish endeavor
It's pulling us apart
Now we're lost in tragedy
Lost in the fired sky
The planes flew away but
Put us back to the start
I heard you
I don't listen
I'm a **** up
I can't do anything right
I did it to anger you
I won't live to see success

Is that what you want to hear?
when you fling your words at me
Will me agreeing make you happy?
actually i don't care


I WILL live to become
my own person
and it's only a matter of years
in till i can leave

Go ahead
make matters worse
punch me
get drunk
get high
go die

Abuse is only one word
and yet you scream so many
why don't you just realize
I can't stand your hate
which you give out plenty
Not my life. Just a poem written by me but in someone else's world.
I am not a quotation in your own autobiography. I am a ******* novel.
I am not a faded memory in a photo album. I am a ******* timeless piece of art.
I will not be referred to in past tense, for I am real and present.
In life, In Death, In the Between.
I am necessary, needed, noticed, and ******* glowing.
You watched me as I

And I hated you with
melting particle.

And I loved you with
evaporating atom.
tilt your mind
shake your thoughts
and smile
**** it
lie in till the truth comes
blink away it all*
wake up
leave your demented mind
leave it in your sleep
let the dreams define you
show us what we're missing
and give us a **** smile
because our cameras
don't want your pain
we want you
your soul
end it
and smile
in your sleep
my darling
with every flash
of my camera
I give a picture
to the world
of that smile
of that endless smile
that smile
that has no worth
Maybe I'm a lost believer
Hiking through the revolts of a cold fever
I've felt this change before
It's the wind of regret knocking at my door
The storm isn't passing
So we'll dance in the rain
The cold won't catch us
As long as we stay happily insane
Holding back every bitter tear
As i look in the mirror
Only to see no one
Have i lost my way
Or am i truly gone
Week by week
I disintegrate
Into the cold blood
Of a familiar stranger
not everything is art
not every word spewed is a metaphor
but ****, you are the ******* poem
with no punctuation
racing between sentences
and stoping
when the flow begs you to go on.

not everything is art
not all brushstrokes make a masterpiece
but ****, your fingerprints swirl sunsets
smudged into my rough canvas of a body
dripping pigment into my pores
stroke by stroke.

not everything is art
but ****, you are.
Through your ocean eyes
You see laughter and calm beach
The swaying waves
And seagulls swooping
Through joyous turns
The hot sand
That welcomes your bare feet
As the smell of salt
Taints the air
Oh how i wish to see through
Your ocean eyes
I would die for you. I am going to die for you.*
Not today.
Not tomorrow.

but one day it will all make sense and everything will be beautiful
and I will be warm in the winter,
and you will be by a fire watching the icicles drip down.

and you will see me in the newly poured puddle.
You will see me in the mud at the bottom of the hill.
You will see me in the patches of snow scattered about the yard.

You will see the thaw. The rebirth. The spring. The sun.
Just know I burnt myself up so your frigid dusk could be undone.
Red petals drop off the tree
Blood glistens off the sword
A woman's grief gives relief
To those that go to war

Waterfalls flow off the cheeks of rocks
Spraying drops of oceans salt
As the ravens fly around me in flocks
Reminding me that I'm the one at fault
I just want to run
as fast as possible
gaining distance from everything
just not BE for a while
I want to be able to think without my mental blocks
I want to be able to dream without sleeping for hours
I want my mind to be in sync with my feet
as I run
I want to have some sort of outlet
I'm not what I used to be
I've become lost trying to find "me"

All the souls i've met
I've touched,but I'm not finished yet

I'll keep walking
Looking for the newest soul shocking

It's life that I live
Life thats made me act passive

As I search for my cure
Eloped by the obscure
We remind ourselves
That life will come to a end
And we won't mourn it
An Angel gave me wings
And she made me promise not to sin
I guess I’m just a liar
Who would do anything to learn to fly
So watch me as I fly from this place
Watch me as I speak brashly to Gods face
No I don’t need to believe in you
Because I know you don’t believe in me too
Yes I know you won’t care about your accidents
Now I know you don’t care about the bodies in my basement
I’m not half of the things I say
I’m not part of the excuses I gave to those I wished to lead astray
Please, Please I’m Suffocating!
I should of known you wouldn’t be waiting…
Press my bare feet on the cold wood
Slowly pacing
Fold up the last patio chair
And fold up summer
you pushed me off a cliff
and he caught me and then brought me to heaven.
and all heaven was,
was a huge blank space with thousands of pictures of eyes.
eyes that stared at me and stared
so I ran  from the eyes
I ran right into the sun
and he followed.
then I hung myself
and fell back to earth.
I am my tan lines, The marks burnt into my skin
I am my smile, festering emotions from within
You've seen my markings
You've seen my sins
But you'll never see
Where I need to begin
Open up the circle box
Slowly and fragile
All the same

Feel the impact of what's inside
Look into its crystal glass
See yourself looking back

Through the time warped mirror
Back to the days
Where your smile never left

Slowly feel the empty
Where your ears should be

You can not hear
How can you know?
A wishful smile breaks

Oblivion slowly wraps itself around you
As your sight is blinded
And you are alone
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