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Carl Hoek Oct 2015
exspression sometimes the binary conclusion,
the concave mass of what my eyes have seen or have yet to see or what they used to see
the abscence of your body between the sheets lying next to me,
leaves me memories and faint reminders of scent carried by air
decaying leaves on the wind,
tommy hillfiger perfume,
smoke all and any kinds of smoke,
the smell of oil paints and the taste of latex,
floor tiles,
a shot of ***** you took and held in your mouth just to spit it down my throat.
blue smoke rings,
burnt holes in every piece of fabric i own
down the  alley
later down the alley
Carl Hoek Oct 2015
now i fet it the broccoli exploding heads against me
put the wavering native american eyes in your mouth
chew and swallow
i see heaven now laid out on a dusty suburban street
with heavens light poking through holes in a dark dark liquor pool sky
all the little buggies like that

and then there you are
appearing out of stone green alabaster ladders
she comes now spewing hot sauce out of her mouth
winged lepars and polio stricken words out of dry ice sculpture
depends on what youre aiming at
backing up in reverse so many days
time spent in an old logging camp
years wasted in fruitless retrieval

its been tackled now
the fearless writhing of my reckless sack of bones
the fibers tearing apart like a ghost projecting a soul
a stringy mess of plasma

days and days and years and years up out of this shamble
this poor excuse for a signal
duck shaped glyphs flickering on a radar screen
walking down the dusty grey broken pavement
back and forth to the neon green river
in and out towards the warm light of love undulating
my lunge for the final helpless fury
and then
we let go
Carl Hoek Oct 2015
******* the machines that press
the makeup cakes
we should take the machines
that press chemicals into pills
and turn them into

******* and your ******* degree
your sense of art
your working thinking knowing of anything at all
its the same as the pill pressing machine
your ego
your sense of yourself
sense of accomplishment
twisted view of the world
no matter who you are
no matter where you come from
working to live and living to die

why shouldnt we be ****** ?
eternal children maybe

just think about your death
you will die
but its ok
we all have to
after all
Carl Hoek Mar 2015
demons in my blood
in my head

turning my gut inside out

making fear
making tumors

destroying their lives
blasting down to the bedrock

there are funnels
there is fresh blood

we get the teeth that sink into flesh
see the future and its faults

whirlwinds of pain
focused on delirium
horrific figures of the heart
cut in half

teach me magnetics
so we can push the skin off the earth
Carl Hoek Mar 2015
i can see death and it can see me
lights out

shimmering dust bowl dreams
they are irrigated
they are firm
that is death inside of itself

these things people call important
or the things that make up themselves
wellbutrin dreams
adderoll dreams

all of it spheres of mica
makes up for the sand in the desert
or the tall rouge waves in the ocean

for everyone in distress
for everyone who loves
or has loved
for everyone who is totally alone
for everyone who gets their wishes

we share our hearts and souls
shed nothing but water color tears
should you feel alone
or empty
please know that i am a heartbeat away

put your head on my shoulder
i can stay like this forever
Carl Hoek Dec 2014
hello, i come from varnish. not the liquor they intoxicate so wood can't age, the planet.

there in the glassy days we sit and bake in the resin coated sun. we are un aware that the desert teams with life. it is our heaven.

i come form owls eyes at night. i come from baby cries at dawn, i come from shadows in broad daylight, i come from loving the dead.

we are the asteroid
we come from all possibility
and we are here to destroy ourselves

until now
look at the pretty things
beyond all you must love

all is darkness
darkness is everything
everything is light
Carl Hoek Dec 2014
in-call only, 32nd and 5th
that's a brothel
that's human trafficking
looking for a kind and mature gentleman
200 roses

all sorts of devices
all fetishes
2 girls for one
this is not an offer for prostitution
donation is required for my time and companionship only

no email
no text
call when ready

im your best choice
toe curling excitement over and over again
100% real pics
i drive myself
no rush
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