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  1d Zero
i used to try and make believe you were the other half of me.
  1d Zero
mama, you know im not built for this world
i cant stand the way people talk
the way they sweat
the way their jaws pop.
mama, you know im not ready for this
yet you push me harder
you laugh at my tears
you push on my buttons
mama, i dont think i can do this
but you keep pushing me
  1d Zero
Bloodstains on the white carpet
She lies supine, gaze fixed on the ceiling
Smothered by an infinite ocean of red
Never to be seen again
I spend too many nights thinking
Wondering, writing, dreaming
Of someone who doesn't even think of me
Zero 2d
we are nothing but people stuck in the past,
talking of the future which has already passed
Zero 4d
i wonder why the moon is so beautiful?
i wonder who she shines for
  4d Zero
i want to be ripped to pieces
shredded to oblivion
by your love.
love me dangerously,
slash my lungs
poke out my eyes
break my bones.
love me poisonously.
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