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Zero May 2021
If you loved me
Then why couldn't I change your mind?
If you loved me
Then why couldn't we try a second time?
You thought you knew me
But I'll never be fake like you
How you used me
How you moved me
- badflower
  Apr 2021 Zero
the sun failed to shine that day.
the ruby red roses failed to bloom
the sun failed to cast dancing shadows upon the streets
the clouds deteriorated into nothingness.
everything changed the day you left me.
and the sun still fails to shine upon my tear stricken face
abandoning the lit up the memories stored away
of simple me.
  Apr 2021 Zero
oceans wash over me.
obliterating my sin,
purifying my soul,
making me clean.
they wash over me coming
one after the
after the
washing away their hands,
their smile,
their voice.
washing away the peices of me that once belonged to them.
these oceans of mine will simply wash me away
  Apr 2021 Zero
till death do us part.

i guess it wasn’t  death that could undo us.
  Apr 2021 Zero
i used to try and make believe you were the other half of me.
  Apr 2021 Zero
mama, you know im not built for this world
i cant stand the way people talk
the way they sweat
the way their jaws pop.
mama, you know im not ready for this
yet you push me harder
you laugh at my tears
you push on my buttons
mama, i dont think i can do this
but you keep pushing me
  Apr 2021 Zero
Bloodstains on the white carpet
She lies supine, gaze fixed on the ceiling
Smothered by an infinite ocean of red
Never to be seen again
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