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May 2021 · 74
move me
Zero May 2021
If you loved me
Then why couldn't I change your mind?
If you loved me
Then why couldn't we try a second time?
You thought you knew me
But I'll never be fake like you
How you used me
How you moved me
- badflower
Apr 2021 · 149
past and future
Zero Apr 2021
we are nothing but people stuck in the past,
talking of the future which has already passed
Apr 2021 · 301
bella luna
Zero Apr 2021
i wonder why the moon is so beautiful?
i wonder who she shines for
Feb 2021 · 67
Zero Feb 2021
you left me falling apart on the hotel floor.
melting into puddles of tears and forgotten memories.
you left me broken, crumbling, pulling apart.
all for her.
Feb 2021 · 163
mr. loverman
Zero Feb 2021
sometimes i see you.
i hear your voice in certain songs.
and im not gonna say i miss my loverman,
but i kinda miss you.
not in the way you would think,
but i miss you a tiny bit.
keep that a secret
Feb 2021 · 340
Zero Feb 2021
my brain is rotting,
into a maggot covered mess.
my limbs are dying,
crumbling onto the bathroom floor.
my veins are clotting,
running brown and thick.
my head is spinning,
filled with nothing but you.
im sick of this brainrot
Feb 2021 · 232
run away
Zero Feb 2021
runaway with me.
i long to be alone with your heart
Feb 2021 · 125
call me when.
Zero Feb 2021
call me.
late at night when your mind is running circles.
when youre voice is shaking and theres rivers running down your face.
call me darling.
early in the morning with your sleepy voice.
when your smile shows through your voice.
please call me.
in the middle of the afternoon when life seems to much.
when your anger manifests into a puppet master.
call me my love.
just call me.
Feb 2021 · 776
Zero Feb 2021
you make the moon look more beautiful.
Jan 2021 · 60
Zero Jan 2021
if only i could shake the rot of these bones of mine.
let them shine brightly, so bright in fact my skin glows pale yellow.
i want to be clean.
Jan 2021 · 110
Zero Jan 2021
ill sit here and pretend i mean something to you, while you give your all to someone else.
it feels great to pretend, i wish you loved me.
Dec 2020 · 78
till death do us part.
Zero Dec 2020
i could stare at you for ages,
getting lost in those ocean blues.
i could hold onto your hand forever,
letting our sweat bond together.
i could take in your air for eternity,
letting my lungs plant seeds into yours.
i could be yours evermore,
as long as you let me
Nov 2020 · 77
this town.
Zero Nov 2020
kings and queens fall to the floor,
geeks and freaks rise to the occasion.
jocks and cheerleaders cry out,
goths and gays show their smiles.
this town is ruled in a monarchy, in a schoolsystem.
this town is watched over my tyrant kings and queens,
while the peasants should lead with a helpful hand.

yet whats a small town without a ****** system.
Oct 2020 · 74
better for you.
Zero Oct 2020
i'll never be able to replace the scars i left you,
with beautiful flowers, roses of course.

i'll never be able to hold your shaking hands again,
with such firmness and admiration.

i'll never be able to say i'm sorry and cover the wounds i left.

i'm sorry.
i should've been better.
Oct 2020 · 184
fake body.
Zero Oct 2020
this isn't me.
the reflection i see in the mirror cannot be the case that surrounds me.
this just isn't right.
i see my hands moving, i see my eyes blinking,
but that simply cant be.
this just isn't me.
i struggle with depersonalization disorder.
Oct 2020 · 332
i am.
Zero Oct 2020
i am strong.
i am handsom.
i am smart.
i am caring.
i am perfect.

i am a lair.
Oct 2020 · 79
Zero Oct 2020
i've always loved peoples hands.
the way the joints move, so gracefully.
the way they can be soft and gentle, or rough and strong.
i love the way veins run up peoples knuckles and the way they clinch their fists.
i've always marveled over the way couples hold hands, how they rub their fingers against each others.
or how children cling to their mothers index finger, maybe even thumb.
i study peoples hands from a far and take in all their triumphs, all their pain, and i wonder what complications they are holding in those soft and gentle hands.
Oct 2020 · 319
Zero Oct 2020
maybe the love i feel for you now will slowly rot away into bottomless pain.
but i rather risk it all for you, my wildflower.
Oct 2020 · 183
forlorn infatuation
Zero Oct 2020
your devotion to me was transparent.
your heart ached for me.
your eyes pursued me.
you were in everlasting love with me.
until he caught your eye.
and i became nonexistent.
Oct 2020 · 117
Zero Oct 2020
slit my throat,
and take my despair.
make me feel worthless,
and pull out my hair.
break all my bones and rip out my lungs,
make me question what its like to be loved.
snap my neck and poke out my eyes with an ungodly crack,
make me beg for you to come back.
scream at me endlessly and punch me in the face,
but last but not least,
wrap me in the warmest embrace
Oct 2020 · 146
Zero Oct 2020
cut my heart out of my chest and watch it beat for you.
replace the empty void with your love and fill me to the very brim.
tie your red string to my finger and lead me through the darkness.
let my heart beat for you.
let it beat for us.
Oct 2020 · 87
cloudy street lamps (tw)
Zero Oct 2020
I see your face in cloudy street lamps.

they're dark and gloomy.
just like you.

your cynical smile could light up a room and I'm still confused as to how you did it.
yet I never questioned it back then.

I wish I had.

that smile was the most comforting thing in the world.
and I watched it wither away into sunken cheek bones and rotten teeth.

I watched your lungs wither away to empty ribcages.
and your arms turn into brittle bones.

I watched your shoulders hug your own body.
and your hips turn into handles.

I watched you decay into the nothingness of the world.
and sometimes I feel, that if I questioned that cynical smile.

you'd still be here
Oct 2020 · 303
Zero Oct 2020
breath i n ,
breath o u t .

taste the flavor as it collects in your lungs.
feel the sting in the back of your throat.

breath i n ,
breath o u t .

its warm and inviting. do you feel it?
your head is starting to buzz. careful.

breath i n ,
breath o u t .

your dizzy, you head is fuzzy, stop.
the buzz is so inviting, you say.

breath i n ,
breath o u t .

if its inviting why cant you see straight.
it feels good? no it doesnt.

breath i n ,
breath o u t .

you did it to yourself. i warned you to slow down.
but you dont care.

breath i n ,
breath o u t .

the feelings to good to bare.
and now youre stuck in this never ending cycle,
of breathing in your own special oxygen.
Oct 2020 · 128
i stare sometimes
Zero Oct 2020
sometimes i stare.
i stare at the way peoples hair flows in the wind,
i stare at how peoples heels hit the ground when they walk,
i stare at how their hands move when they hand their money to the cashier.
i stare sometimes.
i marvel at the way people take off their coats,
or the way they bend down to tie their shoes,
maybe even the way their lips purse when they focus.
i take in the little things about every last soul on the subway.
how they put in their headphones,
how they speak,
how they spin their wedding rings.
sometimes i stare.
im just taking in the beauty of the crowd
Sep 2020 · 86
Zero Sep 2020
the way you whisper my name in the dark and early hours of the morning, is my drug.
and you my dear, are the syringe

— The End —