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***** of fiery gas
swirling galaxies behind your eyes,
those constellations tell you
stories, stories of how you
became who you are.
Stories of how God gave you
what you have.
Stories of

mornings and evenings and sunrise and lilacs and comets and red dwarfs
and green grass and  black holes and the lack of understanding we have of it all.

The words tell us
we are
elephants to the
Earth when we are
ants to the milky way.
There and gone in an
an eternity.

When you realize that
what you believe
is just an illusion –
the thought takes your mind by storm
Once it’s there, it’s caught
a comet
in the cosmos of your mind
swerving between your thoughts,
caught in the rings of an
orbiting idea
who's to say it'll
ever end?
We have created a time
where our air smiles
like a precious gem
found within a storm.  
Each spoken sentence
we find to be filled
with purpose,.....
sound and warm.

Regret does not glisten
nor is it placed in this time
dressed up as hurt
impossible to understand.  
This is a place
where one can find
the staircase of stillness,
silence at hand.

Showers of love
fall as stars in this time
along the places where we sail
on a subtle breeze.  
We can see their reflections
turned inside out......
like a smile
Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Home Is Where The Lilacs Bloom In Late May,
Feeding The Hungry Which Drink Only Nectar,
Home Is Where I Can Hear What The Timber Say,
But Here The Trees Are Hushed By Anguish

Home Is Where The Stream Bubbles Soft,
Where The Night Is Filled With Music,
Home Is Where Birds And Dreams Fly Aloft,
When The Sunrise Ripens The Skies

Home Lies A Long Way Away,
Where The Stars Litter The Sky,
Home Is Where The Heart Lies,
So I Dwell With No Heartbeat

Sydney Victoria
I Just Want To Go Home:( Its So Far Away
 May 2013 Cara Anna
If I
 May 2013 Cara Anna
am not kissing you
within five seconds
of seeing your eyes
in shared sunlight,
then the earthworms
will swarm to our
feet and by seven seconds
our tongues will touch
and the universe will
stop holding it’s breath,
knowing our time has begun.

— The End —