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Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Every 9 seconds a women is beaten in he U.S. Every minute 20 people are victims of Intimate Partner Violence. Every day 38,028,000 women are murdered by male partners in the U.S. Every year 1,300 people die because of abuse. This is inhuman and should stop. Abuse is heartbreaking to me. Nobody in this universe has the right to abuse someone or something else. Abuse is incredibly wrong. It has not only led people into depression, but it has also led them into suicide. Abuse is a very sensitive topic to write about. We hear about people getting abused and half the people ignore it but not me. I take it serious because it should not be happening. It not only destroys its victims, but it also destroys the victim's friends and family. It is n no way fair to abuse. With the situation of abuse in the world I think we should do away with it in America. When that day comes, we will see the difference.
     Abuse is serious and should not be taken for granted. If abuse hasn't killed its victim, it's well on the way to. It has killed so many people. It has led the survivors into a unimaginable depression. Barely anyone has survived from abuse. The depression gets worse after a while. People can't stand the intense depression but for so long. They don't trust anyone after being abused, so they keep their feelings in. The fight is so hard they commit suicide to get away. This decreases our population even more, and it's still happening today. This is not right.
       The abusers find everything fine and right in their world, but in the real world it's not. It is not fair to abuse anybody or anything in this universe. Yea, things could be going good for the abuser, but not for the abused. The abused feel horrible about themselves, but the abuser is happy which is not fair. The abuser also has no right to abuse. No one gave them the right to abuse people. No one has the right to abuse at all. The abuser should feel terrible about themselves for hurting so many people. When they hurt one they hurt several. People try to help the abused, but they don't listen. Abuse is destroying this world.
           Abuse destroys so many things. It has destroyed many people. The people it's destroyed, it has also destroyed their friends and family. Imagine, this little girl that the family and friends love gets beat to death. The family and friends find out and are crushed. They never stop grieving and soon become very depressed. Some commit suicide, others live a painful life. The family got torn apart, and nothing was he same again. In different cases this has happened. The friends and family of the victims can't seem to be happy after this has happened. They stay to themselves, and never talk about it again. Nothing would ever be the same.
           Every 9 seconds. Every minute. Every day. Every year. At least 38,028,000 people suffer from abuse. This is so inhuman. It hasn't stopped. It is so heartbreaking to know all this is happening. The world needs to change. Abuse needs to stop. It has led people into pain. People have died because of abuse. So, with this in mind, abuse needs to stop here in America. The America i believe in is one without abuse. When it changes we will see the change in humanity.
This is a very old essay I wrote about 4 to 6 years ago. Sorry for not having as proper as normal. :)
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
In the darkest nights they won't see you, in the darkest nights you shall be triumpth.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Light burns through you like a burning flame, you can see it no matter what, even if you try to hide it.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
I'm falling away.
I can't see your face.
For now I lay.
Upon the day.
Trying to get you to stay away.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Silence in the night.
Quiet little candles shine their light.
They always wait in fright.
That one night...
The night may bite.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
I lost my light.
Someone told me I wasn't worth it.
I believe them.
Now, I'm gone.
I'm falling forever.
This was originally written in Spanish. I wrote this for a Spanish Class.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Her days as a child started to slip away.
That's when the childish games begin to slip away.
New games began to get played.
She was now a target.
She was being played with.
She began to slip away.
Slip away from the innocent child.
The child is no longer there.
She has slipped away.
She is beginning to find ways to slip away.
The blades begin to slip on her wrists.
Her appetite begins to slip away.
Her sight is now starting to slip away.
As her last breath slips away....
She begins to finally slip away.
Slip away from all the games.
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