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Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Her days as a child started to slip away.
That's when the childish games begin to slip away.
New games began to get played.
She was now a target.
She was being played with.
She began to slip away.
Slip away from the innocent child.
The child is no longer there.
She has slipped away.
She is beginning to find ways to slip away.
The blades begin to slip on her wrists.
Her appetite begins to slip away.
Her sight is now starting to slip away.
As her last breath slips away....
She begins to finally slip away.
Slip away from all the games.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
His kisses are like bees stinging at you.
So desperate.
So blood hungry.
He wouldn't let go.
He wouldn't stop until he knew it was too late.
He had already violated me.
He trapped me and there was no escape.
He tried to torture me and make me feel so alone.
He made me feel useless.
I couldn't be set free from all the torture.
He captured me and I was under his will.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
I haven’t felt alright for a long while. I can’t seem to have anything go right anymore. I don’t know how I feel about life anymore. I know that I feel like I don’t belong here. That’s not my fault. Blame the people who have caused this. I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore. I can’t really tell anyone anything without them going and telling someone else. I can’t really come to the decision to walk out of everyone’s life for good. I’m not strong enough to sit here and never talk to them ever again. I really wish I didn’t get this close to anyone. I ask everyday why i’m the one to end up getting hurt. I guess I just deserve it. I’ve been worrying so much about everything lately. My mom and dad are both going down hill in their health. They don’t deserve it. If anyone does it’s me.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
It all started on that day. Freezing cold wind whizzed against my face. Midnight, great! I’m always alone here. As I make my way home, I hear whispers in the night. Things are strange in this town. I speed up my walking pace, remembering that I haven’t done the homework due first thing in the morning. I rush into my front door, realizing that mom still isn’t home. My father left us when I was born, or so my mom says. I kinda doubt he is still alive. I never hear from him, but I do hear his voice in my head. Doesn’t really surprise me. I’ve heard voices in my head for a while now. It use to bother me, but now it doesn’t. When I told people they believed I was crazy. You could probably tell that I get bullied. I’ll admit, I’m a freak. Just no one will really understand.
I walk to school like any other day, but today was different. The tension in the air made everything worse. Unfamiliar thoughts were coming through my mind. I still heard the familiar ones, yet this new one stood out. As nervous as ever, I walk into class. All the kids were talking and I was hurrying to my seat. The bell rings and the teacher begins the lesson. Twenty-five minutes into class and there is a knock on the door. It startles me because I didn’t hear that person’s thoughts. The teacher opens the door and I pass out. I’m still semi-conscious and hear the thoughts of all, but one. Strangeness is a weird feeling. I’m waking up and see him standing around me. I look at him, scared of what’s happening. He offers me a hand up. I take it and we both **** away. We give each other a confused look. I get up and gather everything up. We continue on through class. I kept looking over at him. He looked away every time I looked at him. Once, I caught his eye. Sudden chills went down my back. I turned and he was behind me. That’s when I noticed the bell had rung.
He was gazing at me with needy eyes. He asked me where my next class was and I told him. He asked me to show him because he had the same one. The rest of the day went by slowly. Last class finally came. I have only had two classes with the new guy. He seemed different. A good and weird different. Kinda scary even. The whole outlook of him. He looked normal to others, but not me. I saw the differences. He talks like he’s murdered millions. Finally, the bell rings and I pack up my stuff. Like always, I’m the last out of class.
It’s raining when I step outside. I always walk home, so it’s no problem. Walking the way I normally do is the quickest way to my neighborhood. I hear footsteps of children playing, but no one is outside. It’s the sound of splashing puddles and laughter. I speed up not wanting to hear children anymore. I pass the park right before my neighborhood and the swings were swinging. No wind and no children in sight. I run the rest of the way home. I’m inside my door and hear my mother talking to my father. My father’s been dead for years, yet mother still talks to him. I walk to the kitchen after I threw down my stuff in my room upstairs. I grab a snack and talk to mom for a little while. When in my room I hear a knock on the door. Mom yells that my friend is here and sends them up. He’s a vision in black. All his features stood out. Eyes shining like two sapphires. I’m shocked he is here. I never gave him my address. He steps in my room and closes the door making sure it’s locked. He closed the curtains, saying there was too much sun. How did you know I live here, I asked. I simply followed you, he replied, It wasn’t hard to keep up. I know you heard the laughter and saw the swings move. Now, just what are you, he said. I’m just a human. I have no clue why I could hear and see these things. I just know things are strange around here. He came closer to me and placed his hands firmly around me. Entering our embrace was a kiss. I was knocked unconscious. All I feel is him around me.
I slowly wake up. I don’t recognize the place I’m at. He has his hand on mine. He lightly presses a kiss on my forehead and whispers, I’m sorry. I look up to see him with a knife in his hand. I see my mother hanging by her arms. I yell at him to stop. He looks at me and says he can’t. My mother says in reply, do it. I have caused too much pain. It’s time I paid for it. Daughter, you are not normal. You are cursed with the worst gift ever. I’m sorry you have to see this. Find the book and make sure no one knows I was your mother. I never really loved you. Suddenly, the knife struck her heart. She lit into flames. Tears falling down my face, I asked why. He reply was simple, too simple. We heard loud bangs on the door. He gathered me up, lightning fast, and rushed us away. We were hidden and the door was beaten down. It was spirits of the higher world. I didn’t believe it at first. Then, I knew it was true.
His heart was racing. We took off out the back door, but they followed us. I watched them slowly turn into burning demons. I turned to see him gone. I watched him being eaten alive and he forced me to run. I ran as fast as possible, but it wasn’t enough. My foot got caught. Then, I saw him again. He grabbed me up and took off running. I’m ripped out of his grasp and he screams. I’m being burned by the fire. Slowly, I’m losing life and just when I think it’s over, he grabs me back up. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life running away. I jump out of his arms and run toward the demons with all I had left. Sparks of light flew up and they are gone. I suddenly have black lines of ancient writing all over me. He looks at me and sees all the spirits gathering around me. They all start screaming and I begin to bleed out. Nothing can stop it. We both fall face first to the ground, while bleeding out. Suddenly, death approaches and we are gone.
As the death approaches and as the night comes into looks. You see these mysterious things. You hear noises. Voices even. She was an ordinary girl, at least she thought she was. When, one day her whole life changed. The memories are now passing through her head as she finally disappears. Death came through this night like an open storm. The first day she saw him was her last day of life. She didn’t know it was and he didn’t know it was. He honestly started to like her and she him. As they ran from danger together, their efforts counted every moment. Now that they are dead what will happen next? Will there be an underworld, where the are really still alive, but dead at the same time? The journeys never end in this place. You may just hear the screaming of her one day. You better watch your back she could become one of the undead demons that killed her. Him sticking right beside her. The perfect couple killing innocent people together. Wish the others luck, for they might not come back alive. They might not come back at all.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
Dear Bully:
I thought you were my true friend, but you went and hurt me. You called me so many names and they broke me in so many ways. They will never go away and will always haunt my mind. You ripped out pieces of my heart, and now I have to find them. I don’t know exactly what I did to you. I just know that you hate me for something.
For so many years, I believed all of the things you said to me. I was so uncomfortable in my body. I felt fat, so I stopped eating. I worked so hard to get the body that was skinny enough, just to make you happy. I had moments where I got so hungry, that I couldn’t move. I ate about once a day or two, but I never got small enough. I had people trying to force me to eat, but no one understood how much it hurt me. I couldn’t accept my weight no matter what it was.
I thought to myself each and every night about how ugly I was. I spent hours each night working to get the best look together. The hours I spent doing makeup and hair each morning became exhausting. I cried everyday before and after school. I couldn’t cry during because the makeup would be ruined. No matter how nice I dressed, it was never enough. I never pleased you. I was so depressed and couldn’t pull myself out of it because of you. My friends began to leave, which made me stronger in ways I never expected. I finally understood why I was being put through the mess. I finally was able to help others in a way most people couldn’t.
After a long time, I began to be pulled out of the deep pit of darkness. It was not an easy journey. Not many people stayed and fought for me. Thanks to you, I found out who my real friends are. I finally learned to accept myself. I am now able to feel the love I deserve. You made me stronger through everything you did. No matter how much you hurt me, mentally and physically, I know that I deserve so much better. I know that I am loved and accepted by the people whose opinions truly matter. So, thank you for opening my eyes and letting me be able to help others.
An old victim
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
As I slowly approach the opening of the boat, I see the vast, snowy mountains in the distance. It is so beautiful yet so cold of a sight that shivers go down my entire body. I smile as the slight chilly breeze whips through the air and makes all the snow twist in the starry sky. I never told my men that I was exiting the boat until one of them caught me. I told them to stay on the boat and if I didn’t return by noon to come find me. I decided to take this adventure on foot, but that might be a mistake. Slowly, walking the  land I see several strange and exotic animals. I began to draw a map of the route that I was taking. I never thought that I would be able to adventure to something this amazingly spectacular in my life. This land is just so different from my home land and I love it.
As I am walking, I hear mysterious noises of people talking. I never see the people from where these  voices are coming from. I carefully check around about every five minutes to make sure I don’t get ambushed. Suddenly, an arrow whistles past my head. It nips me across the cheek and blood start to gush out. It is just a slightly warm tingle that runs through my whole face. Suddenly, I am ambushed by this group of natives that I had no clue existed in this place. They knock me out and now it feels like I am drifting above the ground like I am a cloud floating in the sky.
I wake up in a cell that is no bigger than a daisy in a field of sunflowers. The soft whispers of children talking to their parents about various events that happened over the span of the past day seemed to tingle through the air. It is cold and dark in this place.
“Ah, help me,” I scream.
“Shut up in there,” Screams someone from not too far away.
I realize that I am not the only person trapped. The sound of footsteps startle me enough to make me jump. I realize the slight light from a torch coming my way. I look at a young woman no older than myself. She is dressed in a brown, shortsleeved gown that was decorated in several precise gems. Her hair was long, silky black that ran down her back in the most perfect way. I realize this must be one of the natives people and she has come to make sure I haven’t escaped. She looks at me in surprise as I am just standing there staring at her. Her beauty is just so stunning that I couldn’t say anything. I finally snapped myself out of it by telling myself that she is part of the cause that made me be trapped in this place.
“Are you hungry,” She asks.
I don’t want to respond back, but know that if I don’t respond she will cause something worse to happen to me.
“I’m not hungry,” I say.
She begins to turn away and I notice the tattoo on her shoulder. It is of a sun, but the moon was only halfway there.
“What does your tattoo mean,” I ask quietly.
“It means that nobody has made my moon whole, my father owns part and the other half will belong to my husband,” She responds proudly.
She then walks off and I sit here in the dark all alone.
Later that day, the girl comes back. This time she brought food and actually entered my cell. She smiles at me and I notice that she has a jewel in the middle of her forehead. I thought it was just a single jewel, but it actually tied into a bigger part of the headpiece that wraps around her small, heart-shaped head. She realizes that I am staring at everything about her.
“What are you staring at,” She asks.
“You,” I respond.
“Me” She asks.
“Yes, you,” I say.
“For what reason,” She asks shocked.
“Because of the beauty that you are enwrapped in and just how beautiful you are, even without all the jewels,’ I say.
She stops talking and I see that she is just a little bit confused. I believe she didn’t expect me to say that. I didn’t even expect myself to say that. Showing feelings toward someone isn’t really how I do things. She walks out the cell and locks it. When she bares me farewell, I see a slight sadness in her eyes. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to leave me locked up like this.
Hours pass and I finally drift off to sleep. I am awakened by loud bangs on some kind of drums. The same girl is back at my cell again. It makes me wonder if she ever goes and checks on someone else, but me. I look at her and she gets the biggest smile on her angelic face. She seems like she is in a lighter mood today.
“Hi,” She says in a soft voice.
Her voice is smooth, but crisp and it just sends warm tingles throughout my whole entire body. Silence rings through the air as if it were a bird in the wind.
“Goodmorning,” I finally say.
She enters my little cozy living area. I have finally gotten use to the way it feels and all the drafts in the walls.
“What is your name,” She asks.
“Jacques Cartier and you,” I say.
“Aiyana,” She replied.
“What does that mean,” I ask surprised by how mysterious it was.
“It means eternal blossom,” Aiyana replies.
“I must go now, but I will return,” Aiyana says.
She exits the place and yet again I am left all alone.
Hours after hours pass and she still hasn’t returned. Finally, after waiting a life time, she returns. She has a burlap bag in her hands along with a torch. She opens my cell and signals me to follow her. I do as she says. I hear a bunch of chaos outside. I look at her in awe and wonder. She just waves her hand to have me follow her. I’m led through several different tunnels. Each of the tunnels lead away from all of the noise. I hear screams of little children and mothers as guns begin to fire. I then realize that it must be my men. We are finally out under the starry night and I see one of my men running toward me. He screams my name and I realize that I have been gone for longer than I thought. Finally, they have come to rescue me and I will have to get the natives back before I leave this place.
Paula Putnam Jul 2019
The song "Drink A Beer" came on as I cornered yet another corner of the woods. I began to cry uncontrollably. It begins to grow uncomfortable, but I have no clue why. I start to run back through the woods. I keep coming to corners after corners not being able to find my way around them. I'm running in endless circles and can't find my way back out of them. Something is continually chasing me. It won't get away from me. Then I run into him......
Tell me if I should continue this.
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