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Beckawecka Jul 2015
Don't kiss me,
Don't miss me,
Just leave me alone.
Beckawecka Jun 2015
When we met,
I knew you were different.
Didn't try to read me the way other people did,
Shone me a light of a different colour
Than what I was used to.

And I watched my feelings
Pile up and up,
Into something I couldn't manage anymore.
Something I couldn't reduce or squash into a box.
Something I simply had to hide from you.

When boys said stuff,
I always felt loyalty to you.
I doubt you were the same.

But don't you see?
It's always been you.
In the rain and in the grey,
You've always been there.
And I'd get high
On the thoughts and dreams,
That you'd be mine someday.

It's always been you.
For you I've shelled all cynicism, all pessimism,
All realism,
Because I could never accept that we might not work out.

I remember laughing and smiling,
And wanting kissing instead.
I remember grinning, yes, everything's fine,
And wishing you were dead.
Because you're perfect for me, why can't you see?
There's never been anyone else.
It's always been you.

So I tell you
And I say
Because I'm tired waiting.
I've already dreamed up everything,
And I want it to happen now.

I listen and listen,
But you don't say.
Say something, please.
Don't plan, don't calculate.
Just say.

I guess
It's always been someone else
I guess
I was always looking at you
I guess
I was just looking the wrong way.
Beckawecka Apr 2015
Election's on
On the TV
And all the running candidates
Are sitting pretty
'Cause that's the only way you get votes nowadays, if you're a woman.
If you look pretty.

And according to the candidates,
"I'm just like you.".
Doesn't matter what they'll stop, doesn't matter what they'll do.
"I'm just like you.".
And together, you'll be two.

All the ones that want you to listen
Well you're forced into submission
To the other guy who can tell it better
And you don't even know it yet.

And the politician's sayin',
He'll do this, he'll do that
But all he's doing is sitting round,
Sitting round and getting fat.

They're doing all they can,
To make themselves relatable
But what they can do
Is definitely debatable.

But you're the one
That picks that name from the hat
And you're being led
Blind into something that you can't find.
And you don't even know it yet.
Beckawecka Mar 2015
Am I just a figment of your information
Rolling round your head
Until you see me again.

So tell me
Am I in your head?
When I don't materialise,
Does another me fill
The space between your ears?

Has she made a home inside your head
Does she sit at the vanity mirror of your soul
Remembering your every memory with me
Examining every moment of your contact with me
For you?

Does she see
How you feel
Does she clear the clutter on the drawer top
And open the drawers of your mind
To see what you're thinking.
Do you feel
Like she feels
Exactly the way you feel

Does she act out the fantasies
You dream of having with me
Conversations that time cuts out
Tension that can bend hands
Behind backs
Does she kiss you
Like you want me to
But I can't
Because time is always burning
Soon all we'll be left with is ash

Does she tell you how I feel?
Does she crawl into your innermost thoughts,
Turning rationality on its head
Like you do?
Like you do to me?
Like you do?
Beckawecka Mar 2015
And I grab your hand, because I know you understand.
Beckawecka Mar 2015
The eleven clocks ring back home
Hold my hand
My world

Hands locked,
Forever and ever
Until one day.
Lips on lips,
You're in my world.

Sunshine in eyes,
Water on feet.
Tears on face
Screams from mouths.
Cause you don't understand
And I don't understand.
My world, my world.
Help me keep my world
From crumbling.

Hands that swing
Side by side
And they touch.
Do you still want
To be
In my world?
It's not perfect, and it's cracked,
But my world will be your world,
My world will be our world.
I'd like that,
And I hope
You'd like that too.
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