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Jun 2015
When we met,
I knew you were different.
Didn't try to read me the way other people did,
Shone me a light of a different colour
Than what I was used to.

And I watched my feelings
Pile up and up,
Into something I couldn't manage anymore.
Something I couldn't reduce or squash into a box.
Something I simply had to hide from you.

When boys said stuff,
I always felt loyalty to you.
I doubt you were the same.

But don't you see?
It's always been you.
In the rain and in the grey,
You've always been there.
And I'd get high
On the thoughts and dreams,
That you'd be mine someday.

It's always been you.
For you I've shelled all cynicism, all pessimism,
All realism,
Because I could never accept that we might not work out.

I remember laughing and smiling,
And wanting kissing instead.
I remember grinning, yes, everything's fine,
And wishing you were dead.
Because you're perfect for me, why can't you see?
There's never been anyone else.
It's always been you.

So I tell you
And I say
Because I'm tired waiting.
I've already dreamed up everything,
And I want it to happen now.

I listen and listen,
But you don't say.
Say something, please.
Don't plan, don't calculate.
Just say.

I guess
It's always been someone else
I guess
I was always looking at you
I guess
I was just looking the wrong way.
Written by
Beckawecka  Ireland
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