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Apr 2015
Election's on
On the TV
And all the running candidates
Are sitting pretty
'Cause that's the only way you get votes nowadays, if you're a woman.
If you look pretty.

And according to the candidates,
"I'm just like you.".
Doesn't matter what they'll stop, doesn't matter what they'll do.
"I'm just like you.".
And together, you'll be two.

All the ones that want you to listen
Well you're forced into submission
To the other guy who can tell it better
And you don't even know it yet.

And the politician's sayin',
He'll do this, he'll do that
But all he's doing is sitting round,
Sitting round and getting fat.

They're doing all they can,
To make themselves relatable
But what they can do
Is definitely debatable.

But you're the one
That picks that name from the hat
And you're being led
Blind into something that you can't find.
And you don't even know it yet.
Written by
Beckawecka  Ireland
     May, Hi It's Haliyah and Rockie
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