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I always hoped
I'd haunt you.

The thought of me
would linger
in everything
you do.

My face
would never
leave your dreams.

You'd wake
in panic.

I'm not there

You miss me.

I always hoped
I'd haunt you.
But you
ended up
haunting me.
My feelings for you have been swimming around inside of me for so long that it's making me seasick.
Running in circles like a carousel, driving me crazy.
They refuse to stop swimming, spinning,
burning like a wildfire.
Need I say more?
  Tired of being tired
with an illness, no one can see.


Need I say more?
I am
   the worst form of lonely.
The frightening part of it all was when he kissed me,
my mouth then starved for him.
He had become oxygen, and my lungs quite empty.
With every touch my body burned
with an eager fire that ignited inside of me.
I love to see you smile
even if it hurts me

Tell me all the good things
I'll accept them as love scratches
               on my skin

Talk to me about her
I'll cry about it later

Show me that beautiful look
Your nonmaterial sword
  that stabs right through my heart

Share with me your growth
I will rejoice ( though I am lonely)

Tell me that you're happy
             Even if that's a lie

Hurt me with your glee

I'll make it through
the emotional hell called heartbreak

as long as I know  
             that you are doing okay
What makes your soul cry
On a Tuesday afternoon
When the music is the same
The weather is the same
But your heart aches more than usual

What causes the tears to fall
When you are not grief-stricken
But the hole in your chest grows a few more inches

What makes the bed your fortress
The sheets, your armor
The pillows, your shield

What creates the world outside to be your enemy

It's just a Tuesday afternoon
and a little rain
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