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Burnout May 2013
I've been "strong" lately
no contact
for a painful amount of time
excruciating, wonderful memories make their returns every night
each moment alone I'm sick to my stomach
love's acids burning my tissues
strengthening my regrets
i need more than your presence in my unconscious world
stories that awaken me with hope and leave me disappointed
love me back
spend one night in my dreams and you'll fall in love again
at night the truth eats away at happiness
my confident school girl act doesn't cut it with the darkness
i clasp my sheets for stability
but hell knows my place when the sun goes down
Burnout May 2013
When you're walking through my head all night
(See what I did there)
My body becomies paralized
I embraced your selfish kisses
& kept you from the ocean
White deamon, are you still holding onto me?
Our minds hold the same memories
Know the same lyrics
We get tangled equally like bread-ties
I'm still twisted
& we both know that isn't fair
Burnout May 2013
You smiled when you saw me
I had to see you, kid
Broke in
I had to see you
Maybe you had to see me, too
That hug
Oh, that hug
Right before you pushed me off
& accepted my kiss
It's a blur
My smoker's cough awakened me
Burnout May 2013
If you love something, set it free
Well, then I ******* hate you
I want to hold you close to me
Smell the musk you skin secretes
I got it backwords?
I thought you said forever
You're more familiar than the back of my hand
& I know when you'll turn
The song Crazy Girls by Paramore really inspired me to write this. It's a pretty good song.
Burnout Apr 2013
Let them stand tall for now
One day they're gonna fall
Count to 10
You'll feel alright
Move on, let's do our thing
**** them for not getting down to our music
They're not worth getting angry over
Let this spark keep us going
Let it happen
Time goes by whether we hate it or not
Let it happen
May the serpants hiss at our misguided ways
You thought you'd be happy by now
Well you're not
The cold reality is that **** doesn't change
But it will happen
Our vices control our nature
Spread the solitude
But anyways
***** homophobes & ******* patriots
Burnout Apr 2013
This sulking *******
It's gotta go behind me
I can't dwell on freshman year loves
Don't give me your pity kids
Time to smile and rot your teeth
I'm so ******* sweet
I had to count to 6 months
Ahh, you men & your ****** hair
Stealing hearts
Burnout Apr 2013
When I say I want things back to normal
I mean I want my safe haven to be in your arms
The left side of your bed I proudly claimed
My memories of you crowd my mind
But hearing your name aloud makes me sick
There's no arguing with you
This isn't ours anymore
Your decision was made
Lets face it, you weren't planning on including me in your future
Some things are out of your hands
I'll stay my distance
But the demons of your past won't be so kind
I thought by now I would be happy
What's keeping me going if you're not mine by the end of the day?
Not much
The cold reality drives my emotionless person on autopilot
I keep going
I don't love you any less than before
I don't hurt any less than when your decision was made
The blood still pulses at the same pulse
How does such a dull, deceased, hopeless situation mature and change?
Does the dead ever grow?
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