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our minds are bricking of late
as we view our lunatic state
do turn from this ominous fate
and regain a prospicient au fait

isolation was sewn at the start
clotted lungs breathed false on their charts
with a mask on a face to impart
a defense by the market of hearts

into foul depth's decent with a wheeze
as O2 pumps-up a fair breeze
while noses catch crook for a sneeze
to pause wild genes for woes ease

"stand off!" Cheshire said with a grin
though not to soil sully or tale spin
it's just that reality is easy to jinn
in the light of a maddening moon

bulletcookie Nov 20
not stopping here for long—
tin droplets of rain water
slivers of sun shine through
silver wood barn boards
while each suspended mote
hangs star like in still life
eyes adjust, just slow, to shadows
silence is not really empty
wind moves ghostly
ground straw shuffles stiffly
startled alas make that sound:
muffled feather gloves, boxing,
splintering spell into evening hours

alas - wings
bulletcookie Nov 19
when feelings spill free
empathy is heart's crowbar
spring breeze, pried windows

bulletcookie Nov 17
Here Linden trees with fragrance bloom
near Green Lake's lower Woodland
to start their season's summer chase
fauna, flora, rod and rake

with dancing light upon the waves
its power sure as movement
let's walk upon these winding paths
to stretch and feel pearl's ages

now fall presumes its colors fair
reds, yellow greens do govern
too soon to rust in showers frost
to swoon and crush in stages

beneath forever evergreen
there grows a solo fungus
its mantle spread throughout browned earth
digesting summer's progress

bulletcookie May 6
alarm went off at half past six
It felt like half past slack
garden work had left a soreness
within this neck and back

so up and out to water deep
the veggies, roses, slugs
with itchy eyes just east of sleep
the sun peaked out of clouds

radio drones a dirge of woe
as viral news spreads far
the better song from birds take hold
atop green holly branch

to flock or not to flock
proclaimed across heart’s land
it seems a natural state takes stock
when rising to life’s plan

bulletcookie Apr 26
rolling waves that break and linger
wind swept, goose-bump surface, skimmed
waters trembling under sweeping fingers
on age worn hand of lake's turbulent skin

drifting leaves and pollen painted eddies
washing up against soil's soft shore
spent and doomed without commission
while others to complete root's core

to distant waving limbs of tree tops
crows twist and lunge to claw a branch
there racing clouds that brush the sky line
as steel gray waters define their path

maple flowers rain off twigs from snapping
on muddy grass where  puddles trespass
we take our strolling in Fleur-de-lis ease
as April it towers in cumulus breeze

edit 6/29/2020
bulletcookie Apr 23
waking the absurd,
stark reality viewing
with moon's eye sockets
shadow formed craters,
in this wilderness of space
and time's relentlessness

detached, this eye's cornea
vision's blur into single thought
mortal being a shadow's shadow

days become hours, hours weeks
morning comes sooner every waking
darkness lays upon itself blanket worn

waking, the alarm clock turned (off)
a ray of light through vinyl blinds
comes, thankfully before another night

For those that work tirelessly, seemingly, into the wee hours of the day and night ...
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