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bulletcookie Aug 28
deep within this hardpan soil
lives a seed of hope
fallen out of curious Pandora's
empty wooden chest of woe

awaiting millions of moist tears
to permeate its germane heart
beget its roots and shoots
of nature's salve for carnage

when all fury breaks bone
and spirit's frayed tether
life spins its gears of light
spawning will and grace together

bulletcookie Jul 31
Moving Nightmare

speeding down the way
the demos from demons run
winter car tires spin

bulletcookie Jul 29
a scent of roses fill this room
giving clues to summer's bloom
magnified through water's lens
thorns belie our velvet friends

a mouse once helped a lion's paw
who bawled to heaven with his pall
Hawthorn trees, appropriate name
sharp hawed lion with kingly mane

healing beauty eased its pain
as pity brooked the mouse's brain
a greater beast brought down to serve
the lesser mouse with velvet fur

a moral seems to lend its fragrance
as nature builds eternal rings
take this leaf, humbly snipped
as aphid clings to flower's hip

bulletcookie Jun 5
stars aflame at night
a lamplighter's lamp alight
singing awe to sight

bulletcookie May 25
sitting, silent bound
hearts feeling ocean's fingers
spring to spring in love

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