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Please stay on the line ─
waiting, waiting, waiting
in line, in lines, on-the-line
while ...
Muzak, playing rings around
and around; a merry-go-round
of instrumental oblivion

twenty minutes times infinity
life in a bottle floating on an ocean
of numbers, rings, dial tones, silence
disembodied voices giving quarterback signals
that misdirect a defense
throwing a yellow flag of neurosis
an empty, time out, receding stare

bulletcookie Oct 9
Pharaoh was genius ─
left all his ****, (treasures?)
for others to sort through
while he skated to after-life
free and stony of storage charges!

bulletcookie Sep 20
hearts suffer great loss
hummingbird's tongue drips nectar
wings muted beating

bulletcookie Aug 19
What are these bones, muscle?
this hairy torso alive with goose bumps
an animal grasp, shattering bone
ripping marionette's sinew and members
smelling of drying blood in day's follow
before diving deep into cave's bowls
there subsiding evening's howling
with monstrous heart, like forest embers,

worries crease and fold over shoulder's look
stone voices echo above, searching
smoke filled eyes blind and mined of light
guttural rumbling beneath their venomous anger
sustained by years of false demagogues
to scratch and pick among the ruined crops
violent brawls over morsels of industrial slop
driven to wield a popular myth of terror
         plots within plots

Nature revolts with amoebic precision
a cubic meter of water's hammer ******
a hurricane of wind, fury and destruction
preceding the padded footfalls of death's
dank breath and suffocating grip
this creature's birth and veracity
against a sea of troubled illusions
will tear realities fabric of flesh
         as pole from pole

based on "Grendel" (short story) by Larry Niven
bulletcookie Aug 11
butterfly and bee
ride on summer's breezy aire
with blown glass wings

bulletcookie Aug 9
All of us Americans ─

a tilted cowboy hat in a black & white photo
quoif, scarf, pins and a sprung natural look
flowered, dresses below the knees, short sleeve shirts
old clothes, flashy new and coal dust overalls
rouge color on pale cheeks below sad clay gaze
beards, no beards, eyebrows that come and go
smiles, leers, frowns, cheers, questioning mouths
kissed & kiss-less lips, painted, puckered, pouting
first picture, last, in-between, life and love
lonely portraits, family gatherings, couples cling
eyes peer at future viewers, wells into a soul
wallpaper thin stares, opaque glints at eternities
bursting happy faces radiating morning's first light
left right, left right profiles, marching off a stool
chair, log, fence, tree, minutes after mile markers
in a long chain of humanity migrating into frames
captured moments of agony and ecstasy flagged
absent red, white, blue in our film noir, still life, body

bulletcookie Aug 6
Death is taking a break here ─
arms of bone folded behind head
it looks comfortable with legs crossed
a smiley face mask would look good to wear
except for the show of ribs, cage like
where a tiny bird flutters, frightened

Dusk leaps in tall shadows
darkness steals away all forms
seeping in one great present void
where sings the sound of a bird's voice

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