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bulletcookie Sep 15
It's going to go on,
for years.
T-cell hurricanes
eye these vital days
graft Vs. host no more

no more crying (for now)
time stopped before a cure
when flowers, trees, rainbow birds
visited past autumn's hour
to gaze upon an empty feeder

a stolen picture of youth
pinned upon a naked wall
a serious face looking back
as though to say, "If I,
in morning wake, it's a good day!"

In memory of Norma Jean DeVico, Artist and good friend
bulletcookie Sep 13
you are not home
or will be
winter's cold heat
no blanket can hold

long shadows cast
in a blinding light
on pitch cave eyes
unable to see an end

sightless sudden loss
brings a bat's song
on thin-skin wings
with memories echos

bulletcookie Sep 13
A billion Blue Jays
away, where did they all go?
where did they come from
with fidget dance, round wing glide
crested legions turn with tide

bulletcookie Sep 8
sweet fragrance —
blossom your rosettes
with open petals
so that sense may
wonder inebriated love

Deliquium: swoon, a want
bulletcookie Sep 8
no ordinary love is love
plucked from a Mimosa tree
in pink with tips of yellow pollen
that charms crow on wire's talons
to leap in flight when no else calls
as though heart itself were sun

bulletcookie Sep 8
fingers push these hard felt tears
looking back over so many years

those that are left no longer call
as these days grow short in shadows tall

chin on hand, eyes unfocused
this third one dwells in thoughts unspoken

to well of souls as plummet sounds
a Mayan dream of worlds unbound

in sleep that drips in cavern waters
to drift deep streams to ocean's open raft

there to mist into stars and fluid chalcedony
one last sacrificial cleansing ceremony

bulletcookie Jul 27
Words sometimes need crutches.

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