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bulletcookie Mar 5
Lucidity ―
free to the truer reality
of car wrecks and ancient trees
friendships that cling in hand
an old post's stairwell ornament
rain, snow, salt, bread
these second great features of Bijou's movie marque
an old angel covets his wings
and a young girl believes in bells
life in the shadows envies a sun's flower

bulletcookie Feb 23
two legs run on snow
ten legs waving on ice flow
winter's deception

Kokogiak (Inuit)
Ten-legged polar-bear monster that can summon hallicinations of any creature they eat, so they can use these illusions to lure loved ones of the victim towards them to become their next meal. Known to emulate humans by lying on their backs and waving thier legs in welcome.
bulletcookie Feb 16
You keep up these bones,
this muscle and flesh
an invisible ally force
an invisible will enmeshed

no inclined path averted
as you lend a sturdy hold
this push for heights concerted
seeking Shanghai-la untold

to climb then highest mountain
and ford its limpid streams
with heart and lungs now grounded
grips a stout and manifest seem

bulletcookie Feb 14
a horse
a slow cart
a coast road
two lovers
a sleeping driver

bulletcookie Feb 10
Stop that woolly-eyed talk atrocities –
Stop your half and half falsities
delusion and arrogant viscosity
spiraling out of control pomposity

waving your ****-puppet hands
building your walls made of sand
quick tongue and slow venom thought
boiled down from hate's bitter root

this wolf as goat gobbling low fruit
piteous rag dolls lining it's den
will we learn the woke of this brute
to grok again stranger wise then

bulletcookie Feb 2
there is a feeling of depth
found in a rocking row boat
hinting at a bottomless sea
where the unspeakable squirms
and light is a lure into stalactite teeth

consumed and digested by stillness
thought's bubbles emerge to rise
decompress on their upward journey
and break that surface once more
where we float as wet oars push on

bulletcookie Feb 2
Los gatos y sus gemidos
the cats and their moaning

esta mañana me despertaron
woke me up this morning

mientras sueña con una tetera de pescado
while dreaming of a kettle of fish

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