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13h · 135
Three Years
when violins play
sound becomes a miracle
taken: from a cat's gut
horses' swishing tails
tree spirits and spine rosin,
flying into the air
climbing infinite heights
to land in patterns
on these confluent tarmacs
of hearts and music

"If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die."
Twelfth Night Act 1, scene 1, 1–3

-William Shakespeare
Apr 13 · 33
...In Life
bulletcookie Apr 13
but her heroics was tragically 1945
she found herself a martini shy of sane
cats filled her cup half full in a tiny house
with a garden of overgrown raspberries,
creeping violets, dandelion and shotsy-****

one story, split level bungalow blues
smoking cigarettes into chains
with an occasional store stroll
blind doctor visit, and neighborly chat
atop damp earth with subterranean worms

they found her dead in her chair
sitting out her physical existence
stains of her last **** between her fingers
the ash length not having fallen
in respect to her last perfect moment ...

Apr 12 · 44
bulletcookie Apr 12
yo rainbow, anchored
in this watery world of light
ephemerally you arch your back
figment or fancy hung in a nursery

Apr 11 · 51
Simple forms
bulletcookie Apr 11
water drinks itself
knows refreshing being clear
it must follow true

Apr 11 · 97
bulletcookie Apr 11
Den of Iniquité Master, Dungcan Pmurt
belly hanging, button popping
sitting on edge of a sofa, sipping soda
dreaming of flames and fortune

Apr 11 · 46
How Base The Ball
bulletcookie Apr 11
by Walt Kelly (1913–1973)

The basest ball
   Of all the game
Is one that travels hence,
   O'er our grass and our gloves
      And finely, loves,
         The fence.

"The Jack Acid Society Black Book" by POGO as told to Walt ...
Apr 7 · 77
bulletcookie Apr 7
In a bracing wind of a wilderness pass
chickadees arc over this hunch-back hill
in close pursuit of morning clouds
that hug the pointing pines in flight

where tree line marks heaven from earth
silence staked in dissonant landscape
fields of stone, ascendant flowers
clinging lichen etched on rock's face

here moisture seeps as solvent
dissolving everything into watercolor streams
rushing to rivers of temporary sand bars
banks high as looming forest canopy

this path that leads from leaf to leaf
and no depth left un-plumbed
no height or chasm strangely met
will stem this force of "unfathomable wildness"

Apr 6 · 41
Swiss Missed
bulletcookie Apr 6
How each missive is missed
from you so long and long ago
this sadness only feels itself
in lonely thoughts of mirth
lost among years gone by
days hold hands with days
in endless chains of regret
endearments left pending
those antique roses near a fence
white and fragrant Victorian lucidity
an orange sun rising to morning's grace
as choir sings the beauty of  fortunes
bodies entwined as one vine of love
racks poor Cupid's soul in alarm
to launch a thousand thousand arrows
and bridge this melancholy sea
to find your eyes and pleasing face in welcome

Apr 6 · 59
bulletcookie Apr 6
love quickens heart's desire
every beat of want and wish
calls consummation

Apr 5 · 94
bulletcookie Apr 5
moisture swells a seed
spring breaths fresh air and pollen
humming bird still life

Apr 3 · 55
bulletcookie Apr 3
in bright desert sun
we all shed skin's illusion
throw our fortune's bones

Apr 2 · 69
bulletcookie Apr 2
watercolors drip
flowing into florets
spring rain, May flowers

Mar 5 · 116
Zuzu's Petals
bulletcookie Mar 5
Lucidity ―
free to the truer reality
of car wrecks and ancient trees
friendships that cling in hand
an old post's stairwell ornament
rain, snow, salt, bread
these second great features of Bijou's movie marque
an old angel covets his wings
and a young girl believes in bells
life in the shadows envies a sun's flower

Feb 23 · 108
bulletcookie Feb 23
two legs run on snow
ten legs waving on ice flow
winter's deception

Kokogiak (Inuit)
Ten-legged polar-bear monster that can summon hallicinations of any creature they eat, so they can use these illusions to lure loved ones of the victim towards them to become their next meal. Known to emulate humans by lying on their backs and waving thier legs in welcome.
Feb 16 · 51
Walking Stick
bulletcookie Feb 16
You keep up these bones,
this muscle and flesh
an invisible ally force
an invisible will enmeshed

no inclined path averted
as you lend a sturdy hold
this push for heights concerted
seeking Shanghai-la untold

to climb then highest mountain
and ford its limpid streams
with heart and lungs now grounded
grips a stout and manifest seem

Feb 14 · 255
bulletcookie Feb 14
a horse
a slow cart
a coast road
two lovers
a sleeping driver

Feb 10 · 59
Tweet Nazi
bulletcookie Feb 10
Stop that woolly-eyed talk atrocities –
Stop your half and half falsities
delusion and arrogant viscosity
spiraling out of control pomposity

waving your ****-puppet hands
building your walls made of sand
quick tongue and slow venom thought
boiled down from hate's bitter root

this wolf as goat gobbling low fruit
piteous rag dolls lining it's den
will we learn the woke of this brute
to grok again stranger wise then

Feb 2 · 250
bulletcookie Feb 2
there is a feeling of depth
found in a rocking row boat
hinting at a bottomless sea
where the unspeakable squirms
and light is a lure into stalactite teeth

consumed and digested by stillness
thought's bubbles emerge to rise
decompress on their upward journey
and break that surface once more
where we float as wet oars push on

Feb 2 · 92
Meow Mix
bulletcookie Feb 2
Los gatos y sus gemidos
the cats and their moaning

esta mañana me despertaron
woke me up this morning

mientras sueña con una tetera de pescado
while dreaming of a kettle of fish

Feb 1 · 39
bulletcookie Feb 1
"Of bodies changed to other forms I (sing);"

and dip an oar into a primal sea
to see a world more animal than human
pierce this shell of surface tension
to feel, smell, hear this bottom extent
being cast within profusion's briny flow

in slow evolutionary tides
washed up on shores of crashing sound
run aground through fur und fetters
tail to mouth food chain devoured
'ever preening in disguise

unmoored in a rolling mirror
duplicitous while moon howling
even Zeus took occasion's swan dive
to lead a baser instinct's anatomy
and shoot a swimming seed home

Dr. and Mr. mixed in a beak-er
shaped and shifted over geology's ago
flooding forms into molded forms
and yet scramble out and into breath
filling lungs unto this crested vision

"So mastered by the brute blood of the air,"

Quotes from Ovid and Yeats ...
Theirianthrope: Shape-shifter
Jan 25 · 134
bulletcookie Jan 25
globe of bright white brush
golden strokes surrounding you
a king's winter guide

Jan 5 · 154
bulletcookie Jan 5
Through sheer curtain casts a diffused light, thread bare
wispy Wayang perform behind; parading shadows
as curious sleight of hand unveils today's vane weather  
past glass pane doubt at morning's province

that foreign sun filtering through clouds of grey
parting enough to blue where dawn begins and ends
while pocket-sized birds dip and dart across garden flora
fulfilling their native chirp charged larks

saline winds straddle mist to settle dew on green:
moss, grasses, leaves, do cushion a fallen limb
its clinging lichen, in common leap, adheres their bond between
each stegnon layer, iris, to the next

thus fixed in this fabric's fiber, spirits
decant Pandora's brew imbibed from age to aged
as staggering marionettes **** and stumble on stage
scenes unfold on scrolls of old, this day's mystery at midwife

Wayang: a form of puppet theatre art found in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, wherein a dramatic story is told through shadows thrown by puppets and sometimes combined with human characters.

Stegnon: Biological chinking, a general term for all sessile microorganisms and meso-organisms that grow on or within the non-aquatic surfaces of the world, including rock, soil, and vegetation.
- Trevor Goward
Jan 3 · 305
First Cut
bulletcookie Jan 3
you cut a grin
laid a fade-less scar on my hand
branded in our innocent games and  loving tones
this silent scar,
surrounded by sun-worn wrinkled skin
and blue blue veins,

Cane and Abel
regardless of that innocent rock
rolling on moss like boys will
allot; ups and down,
take ins and out
this destined lesson bound
in a slice of dread
and disbelief
now at rest

Dec 2018 · 370
Loneliness (Haiku)
bulletcookie Dec 2018
now solitary
life counts stillness' hours
winter's austere white

Dec 2018 · 212
bulletcookie Dec 2018
this moon metaphor
flips every month's light and new
giving one hint more

Dec 2018 · 231
bulletcookie Dec 2018
black coffee with eggnog
swims in swirls of holiday
mixture's of light and dark
as winter approaches stark

these beverage clouds balloon
heavy with rain and cold
sweeping over stillness strewn
in city parks, and streets all told

walk along with cup in hand
listen to the autumn round
here this wind plays Honalee
in Emerald City by the sea

Dec 2018 · 282
One/Half a Minute Poem
bulletcookie Dec 2018
If words were only feathers
what lines would soon take flight
and soar above the heather
in search of tasty writes

Inspired by Poetry Journal
Dec 2018 · 98
bulletcookie Dec 2018
gentle in the morning air, this-
which swings upon grey mist
as light and shadow soon appear
among the hush-hush leaves

this winter wet has now beset
within the orchard's glean
where viscid mud and bracken rest
and pearls of rain drops gleam

red berries lure wide eyes that bite
to satiate their gnaw
from limb to branch with claw or flight
for each must heed this call

with roiling clouds of hues and tint
above this valley's lows
these fronts move cardinal quint
in convection's rise and flow

from ages past in lineage lasts
with Raven's heart and soul
upon these western waters cast
through weathered mounts in snow

in this tale as solstice nears
beneath transition's Northwest blow
loyal stewards of this land revered
in humble cedar house repose

receive these then agreeable rains
that nurtures one and all
know this sacred season's reign
as chronicled forward in this squall

Nov 2018 · 288
In Full View
bulletcookie Nov 2018
midnight moon wears full sun-mask
peering through cloud of oyster pearl
as stars whisper their silent arcs
in shells of distant silver whorls

Nov 2018 · 826
The Pond
bulletcookie Nov 2018
standing straight at pond's edge, cattails—
brown corn dogs on ***** blonde stalks
several with cream colored bursting guts
hang below sky waiting on sail
there, a red-wing black bird clings
as Cirque du Soleil actor's acrobatic feat
trilling its own musical accompaniment

other cattails tilt triangle shapes
reflected side, angle, side complexion
over water's bottomless mirror
colored autumn, by shore's tree leaves,
mallard ducks, and brooding clouds
while black headed chickadees splash out
ripples of Impressionist pigments weave

Nov 2018 · 102
Way Station (Tanka)
bulletcookie Nov 2018
dabbling, cork like, ducks
gleaning green aquatic plants
fall's visitors laugh
long rains try to fill buckets
flood lake climbs upon its shore

Nov 2018 · 692
Transient Pause
bulletcookie Nov 2018
a silent skirt of moonlight
draped upon a meadow
reveals a running brook blue fox
lapping at its waters

its qui vive ears drink evening's voice
as shadows hide and seek
this stream it welcomes all and one
into its ***** deep

out of twilight's purple threads
issues canopy of stars
as constellation mythic spreads
slyboots parts with au revoir

Nov 2018 · 138
Seven Ten
bulletcookie Nov 2018
Monday morning mourns
weeping weekly war sermons
for Sunday's winter
Nov 2018 · 230
bulletcookie Nov 2018
This deep woods stream
croaking its gravel melodies
carries brown and yellow leaves
further down, past branch dams
into eddies of swirling colors
where tree roots soak green
and shade fish dream

Oct 2018 · 175
bulletcookie Oct 2018
found your missing "L" today
written on bricks of graffiti
near a railhead of littered words

your anger, your kindness swirls
spray painted feelings on this wall;
this canvas of hope and desire

bordered black enfolds gold, reds and white
some letters wasted others round with might
dripping emotion onto those clinging weeds

Oct 2018 · 200
bulletcookie Oct 2018
Was it lens of surface tension
or a briny ***** in apprehension?
Was she, She, or was she it
folly formed into its fit!

Now this heart longs for her shapes
drawn to tears and love agape.
Nature woos and sets adrift
those who follow for that kiss.

"athome, washington" photo35
Oct 2018 · 218
Horizon's Bulk
bulletcookie Oct 2018
dear stratus grey cloud
within water's reflection
peers a rippled heart

"athome, washington" photo12
Oct 2018 · 126
Wild's Keep
bulletcookie Oct 2018
steep from valley trees
black hills framed, mountain's crest snow
silence stills howling

"athome, washington" photo28
Oct 2018 · 437
bulletcookie Oct 2018
Fire, Water, Earth, Air
Suspended —
between red and black
arousing over horizon
as dusk sparks crimson dreams

"athome, washington" photo05
Oct 2018 · 263
bulletcookie Oct 2018
In those lobster red clouds
buttery hues, with knife-silver edges
mirrors deep on water's complexion
soon to sunset's blush
mobile islands of charcoal cotton
within this sky, by shore's shadows

"athome, washington" photo08,9
Oct 2018 · 532
Fog (Haiku)
bulletcookie Oct 2018
fall's cast illusions
dream-weaver silk webs caress
fasten diamond beads


masking forest peace
clouds nimble fingers conjure
fall's master magic

Oct 2018 · 493
bulletcookie Oct 2018

black bearded with carnivorous teeth
lurking in palatial shadows
unfit for the news that make him
biting the hands that feed, Him

Mister Bone Saw

yesterday's trail leads to you
like a wounded animal's blood
dripping on an already red carpet
where you sit licking a fat photo session

Mister Bone Saw

presidents suckle your Old Scratch ****
while snorting sulfur with thousand dollar bills
up their snouts, twisting their tales of greatness
again, and again, and again like sixes in a row

Mister Bone Saw

time will shear your hairy back alleyways
place a sign and seal upon your lies and deception
even those minions who worship your coin
will find a sword of justice between their *****

Saw Bone Mister!

CIA owns the facts now; too bad Trump is in league with him.
Oct 2018 · 138
bulletcookie Oct 2018
In a timeless embrace
they did not remember
when it had begun

only a rhythmic sway
spoke for them both
as arms incubate and lips claim

soft neck, cheek and hand's brush
here an ear's whispered endearment
mouths exchanging breath for breath

and a sacred romance plays out
over forgotten ages and rendezvous
passion tenders two more lovers

Oct 2018 · 76
bulletcookie Oct 2018
this question; light, dark
does not ply for emptiness
love allowed to fill

Oct 2018 · 206
bulletcookie Oct 2018
each day slips into next
much like a quarter into a vibrating bed
the novelty lasting just long enough
then a stillness of familiar support,
prone acceptance that things are
soft, hard, textured in finite ways
and your control is remote
with many channels chose
yet each similar in prospect and tone

this elastic quality to distinguish inwardness
from external extractions is appealing
as we climb on and off our routine
seeking comfort from complexities
that may end our curiosities
but for our ability to lay still,
patient, and await morning's due diligence
and night's turbulent sleep
as the quarter rattles into the box

Oct 2018 · 797
Boundry Layers
bulletcookie Oct 2018
she asked a kiss from those depths
that defy every fear of mute darkness
as their eyes neared and exchanged
their world opened and altered
this moment in drops
with each beat of their hearts
an interminable anticipation
of simple love's dissertation
pivots on lip's hinge
and whirl of their breath

Sep 2018 · 467
bulletcookie Sep 2018
kindness bent its wing
to shelter those in need
in doubt of proper things
with speed of mending deeds

stones are smoothed by water's days
winds mountains do lay low
acts heroic pave the way
stem the tides of evening's woe

as sun does set to rise anew
these timely frets will cycle through
as night comes sure like morning light
so to eagles of our vision's flight

Sep 2018 · 133
High Rise Victimized
bulletcookie Sep 2018
take this heart as ledger
for it only gave us pain
as though stricken on a stretcher
with a near to death refrain

was it love or was it fancy
was it loneliness on ice
we sought to raise the ante
as we planned to dodge white rice

was it lost among late hours
high above a city view
mining favor from the powers
as our lives were bent askew

busy days within life's traffic
and the nights dystopic frames
when our talks went stenographic
while our feelings missed their aim

take this elevator cardiograming
its sharp peaks and valleys black
forming ridge of road show blaming
as we say goodbye to jack

Sep 2018 · 77
Solstice Frappé
bulletcookie Sep 2018
slow motion flurries
fill night's void of frost dry cold
winter's breath, ice teeth

Sep 2018 · 98
bulletcookie Sep 2018

"reflexive longing" says Charles
looking at looking as an end
time's tailored rust overcoat

back in that day ghosts lived
high and low road spiriting
pinned chronicles of osseous tissue

this hunger, thirst and yearning
for aging interstitial cartography
points our happy compass arrow

remembered like a dear friend
or a stuffed bear or rabbit tale
where familiar comfort comes home

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