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Brook Lynne May 2014
finally is what I am thinking right now
finally I am done
finally the accusers are gone
finally I wont have to come to place that rejects
finally I will be alone with my thoughts
finally the judgment will all go away

finally you will leave me alone
finally I wont have to hide in the halls
finally I wont be confined by these walls
finally I can be free
finally I will be me
finally I can be happy
Brook Lynne May 2014
the class is laughing
at the boy
he stutters
they think he is weird

they don't understand
that he cant help it

why do they tease him
he isn't so different from them

he trys to tell them
but the words get stuck

they laugh
he cries

he wonders down the hall
trying not to be seen
but they always find him

he wonders why he cant just be invisible
like the girl in the back
the one who is always watching but never speaks

one boy comes up to him
and talks real slowly
he teases him and talks at him like he is stupid

the girl in the back looks up
from her book then
she stands up

all eyes are on her
wondering who she is
whispering begins to flow

who is this girl
no one knows

she walks to the bully and the boy who is misunderstood
she opens her mouth
saying leave him alone

the surprise is she stutters too
she smiled at the boy and says
I know how you feel

this is how their love story begins
Brook Lynne May 2014
I miss the way your heart beat felt
beating away on my chest
the way your hand was always clammy
but so **** strong
you held me close
now your so far away
I wish you were still here

because I love you
  May 2014 Brook Lynne
Anger is like the headlights of an incoming truck. It's blinding, and you'll never realize you were on the wrong side of the road until the moment of impact.

Brook Lynne May 2014
I never knew thought you’d be this big a part of my life
You mean everything to me
Though funny that it is I never knew you a short few months ago
You were just some kid in my grade
Now you’re the guy I wish I would have paid more attention to
I would have paid more attention to
I wish I would have been there for you when you need someone
I blew my chance with you
It hurts, it really does, that I had to say goodbye to you
That I’m not the girl you look forward to seeing
That she’s the one you want in your life
Because she was there for you and I wasn’t
I was scared to show how much you meant to me
How much I truly loved you
How much you made me happy How sad too, you’re my everything
And I know that will never change, I could never move on from you
I am always going to love you
I am always going to pray you will wish I was there
I will always hope when you walk by you will be walking to tell me you miss me
That you need me
That I am the one you see when you close your eyes
That I am the one you want to hold and never let go
I know it will never be that way again but I will always hope
I promise to wait for you, even if I have to wait till the very last day
I can’t imagine not having you in my life, to replacing you
There is no one like you
You’re my one and only boy and you better know that
I will wait for you…forever if I have to
Brook Lynne May 2014
I’m invisible
The girl no one ever see
Standing all alone
Brook Lynne May 2014
I wish I could smile and not have to force it upon my face
I wish people could see that behind my odd crooked smile
There is a heart that is breaking inside
Cracking and tearing at the seams
I wish when I laughed it wasn’t so obvious how fake it really is
How loud and crazy and bubbly it is
It isn’t real, its forced at the moments expected
So no one expects the pain I truly hold
Sometimes I wish someone could really see that I am struggling
That sometimes I just want to cry
Just to let it all out
I want to be the real me around people
But I honestly don’t know how anymore
I am so lost in this world
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