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brian odongo Dec 2021
People greet you differently...
Some greet you with their hand
Others with their heart
And very few with their soul.
brian odongo Dec 2021
I wonder why I have always felt safe with you — like, how the raging storms in my heart come to still just be your mere touch; how your smooth voice calms my overflowing emotions, and how your gaze clears out the background noise and make me focus only on you.

My grandmother once told me, “Always choose the one that calms your heart and not the one that gives you butterflies.”

I was too young to understand then but now I know why.

Because in times when the world becomes too loud, I’d only go to you and you’ll make it all go away. When the people around me say a lot of irrelevant things, I’d only seek your advice and you’d make my mind at peace.

But most of all, when I asked myself what I really felt for you, there was no question or doubt that emerged from my mind —  my heart was still, it was calm.

My heart and mind were at peace in telling me this is love — a love that’s sure, freeing, and selfless. A love that didn’t come from chaos but a love that comes from love itself; so pure and one of a kind.
brian odongo Nov 2021
She's dancing
in my mind without
care of the world,
and I love how
she invades my thoughts
and how I smile
when I think of her.
brian odongo Nov 2021
I want to fall in love again,

Not with sweet words but with efforts,
not with looks but with soul,
not with promises but with sacrifices.

I want to fall in love again,
but not the way I did before.
brian odongo Nov 2021
and if you ask me what
do I love every morning,

Is it a coffee?
short walks?
morning breeze?
or sunlight?

No my love
'cause it's you,
you're everything I
need to complete
my day,

I love you.
brian odongo Oct 2021
She was an open book,
but I can't read.
So her eyes taught me
everything I need,

until I finally mastered
how to love her.
brian odongo Oct 2021
First loves. First butterflies. First plans. First dates. First time you had your heart ripped apart.

First love smells like grass freshly mown, with the feeling of satisfaction and being one with something better than yourself.

First love tastes like melted chocolate in your mouth, that feeling of addiction which you want to deny exists but in your heart you know it is there.

First love consists of stolen glances. When you want to pretend that you’re not looking and maybe, that you do not care, but you care so much that your heart might just pop out.

First love reminds you of that one time, when you believed that anything was possible. When you believed that everything was going to turn out all right.

First love is about the plans that were never executed. The dreams that were lost in the long dark nights. First love is about the time when you were broken beyond mend. It is about realizing that you are stronger than you believe you are.

First loves. First kisses. First night holding their hand and feeling complete. Of teary eyed goodbyes and crying your heart out alone. When you do not remember how you lived your life before you fell in love.

The highest of highs. The lowest of lows. With just one question at the end.

Was the high worth the pain?
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