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brian odongo Oct 2021
The greatest love story is when you fall in love with an unexpected person, in the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place, and in the most unexpected way.
brian odongo Oct 2021
The worst way to die
is to be forgotten
while you're still alive.
brian odongo Oct 2021
To chase the fogs
and climb out,

To brew some coffee
and make breakfast,

To go out and jog
or to stretch and run,

Whatever morning routine
would it be,
I prefer sunrise of you and me.
brian odongo Oct 2021
My lady is not perfect
She has scars on her skin, she has storm in her heart, she has skeletons in her closet, she has dark rooms in her head.

She can't write a poem with perfect rhymes, sing in perfect tune, dance in perfect music, paint with perfect combination of colors.

But her heart is pure as a clear sea full of honesty and sincerity, her care is sweet as honey and sugar in a coffee.

And her love is like the love of the ocean to the sun, patient, true even though limited and miles sets them apart .

My woman is not perfect nor ideal one, but she's a stone that's rare to find and I love her more than everything.
brian odongo Sep 2021
the night
my sight.

the moon
shines bright.

the stars
haunt me
over and over

I am an owl,
A nyctophile.
brian odongo Sep 2021
There are so many beautiful things
But I chose you, my masterpiece.

Because why would I look for another star,
When you're already my moon.

Why would I find another universe,
If you're already my galaxy.

Why would I find another constellation,
If your name is the most eye-catching one.

Why would I find the biggest castle,
If you're in the paradise waiting for me.

Why would I leave,
If I'm home already.

Why would I write for someone as my subject,
When you're the heart of my poetry.
brian odongo Sep 2021
She's my Friday,
I am her Monday.
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