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brian odongo Sep 2021
I never liked the sun
I hated being in the spotlight.  

I always liked the moon
I loved being in the dark.

but, ever since you came
into my life.
I always want to get seen by you.
to be noticed by you.

I don't think I can be
where you can't see me.
brian odongo Sep 2021
I never dreamed
of becoming a writer,
but I write.

I can't even say that
I am good at writing,
but still, I write.

I want to write
my heart out.
I want to exclaim my
thoughts, hoping that
someone out there
will understand me.
brian odongo Sep 2021
I fell for you
faster than
9.8 m/s^-2.

So I told you
I love you
faster than
3.0 x 10^8 m/s^-1.

And I mean it.
I fell for you faster than the acceleration due to gravity on the earth,So I told you
I love you faster than the speed of light.
And I mean it .Always.
brian odongo Sep 2021
I am a direct metaphor.
I am simple compared to simile.
Buzzing noisily with onomatopoeia.
I am much harder than the irony.
Awfully repetitive like alliteration.
More hyper than the hyperbole.
Non-living but I live by personification.
I am litotes, full of negativity.
I am the antithesis of the antithesis.
Partly whole like synecdoche.
I am confusing and messy like paradox.
I use "handsome" as my name. Metonymy.

If you can't understand the pun,
it's because I am
the "*****" in the oxymoron.
brian odongo Sep 2021
Let me be your own artist,

I'll change your
scars into stars,
the tears in your
eyes into butterflies
and your sufferings
into colorful
let me paint you
with the colors I
have, let me write
you using my
blood, my love,
You'll be the best
art and poetry
and our love story
would be the most
beautiful tale that
will be written
in the history.
brian odongo Sep 2021
This is how I want us to end;

I want it to be memorable,
happy, and romantic.
I want us to end while watching
the sunset by the beach.
I want us to hold hands and
kiss until the very last moment.
I will tell you how much
I adore you this past few years.
I want to tell you that I
want to be with you forever.

I want the end of us,
to be the day that one of us
reached the end of lifetime.
brian odongo Sep 2021
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