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brian odongo Sep 2021

I always stare at the skies, wondering if there's somehow a chance that stars could meet the ground, then I remember you,

The distance that separates me from you always brought me to a desire of meeting you personally someday,

I'll make a cup of your favorite black coffee and we'll drink on a couple mug, we'll share the best smiles that will complete our day,

We'll visit every bookstores, old places, museums and we'll captured photographs of us that will be kept for years in our life's timeline,

And I'll rest in your arms while we're looking at the beautiful night sky, lay my head on your chest and sleep with the melody of your heartbeats as my lullaby,

If the universe allows us to meet, I won't miss every single moment to show you how much I love you.

Like those little stellar, I will fall for you once and I'll keep the memories we will make. Just wait for me, Love, cause' I'll be there, perfect time
brian odongo Sep 2021
just the time
i thought that
there's no more
hope, the same
time a ray of light
crossed right
before my eyes.

just the time
i thought i lost
it all together
the same time
i realized i have
nothing more to
lose and be grateful
for what i have.

just the time
i thought love
isn't for me,
the same time
someone came
knocking on my door
asking for a chance.

just the time
i thought to myself
to give up,
to let myself be
drowned to storms
of life, the same
time the storm ceases.

now, i realized
i just have to wait,
be patient and believe
that everything is
just right on time.
brian odongo Sep 2021
You said you're fine
although you're not.

Your lifeless eyes told
me that you lied.
Your body is warm but
you are dead inside.

Let me hug you for a moment.
brian odongo Sep 2021
I met a stranger,
who loved me like how
She loves the painfulness of poetry.

I met a stranger,
who loved me like how
She loves the bitterness of coffee.

I met a stranger,
who loved me like how
She loves the wildness of the sea.

I met a stranger,
who loved my flaws, my
dark sides, my all.

She was once my unknown zone,
But now, she's my home.
brian odongo Aug 2021
I love the idea of night sky in you,

The darkness is your
hue, serene, peaceful
and comforting.

The stars are your
personalities, sorts of
colors but all fascinating.

And the moon is your
heart, imperfect but
every phase is exquisite.

So every time I'm
longing for you, I
just look above, Love.

Cause' you're the night sky,
I never want to be out of my sight.
brian odongo Aug 2021
You went to the paper town,
and left me with paper cuts.
Let my paper plane be with you dear,
though you tore my paper heart.

Sail with my paper boat,
and burn my paper poems.
It's sad I can't be with you
on building your paper home.

Paper is the only place where
I wrote and drew our forever.
But I love you so, my paper girl,
I'm just done wasting papers.
brian odongo Aug 2021
Child :Mother, what is poetry?

Mother :Listen child ,poetry is when you look at the moon and you would like to sleep on it.
It is when you touch the stars with your eyes.
Is when you feel good simply just admiring a flower or
feeling like a flower above an ocean ,on the wings of a seagull.
it's when you dye your hair
with the colours of the sunset
or when you dance on clouds
or travel among the planets
riding a comet.
It's when you're not afraid to cry
if a child smiles at you or if he cries too.
Poetry is when you talk to a tree
and you ask how its leaves are.
It's watching the city when it rains and see her sparkle like gemstones.
It is listening to the wind when it sings a song."

Child :Mom,now I know what poetry is.

Mother :What is it my darling ?

Child :It means to be a child forever
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