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braelynn Apr 12
once the toxic words spill out of your mouth,
they spread like wildfire.
nothing said can be undone,
it is all burnt down.

everything you said set ablaze and spread,
throughout all their feelings,
setting fire to their brain,
making them think they aren't okay.

you built your walls out of stone,
so you never know how the heat hits.
you block it off,
and act as if you werent the one
to start the fire.

and even if you werent so strong,
not built of stone,
not able to act like everything wasnt wrong,
you would still be cold,
as thats just how you are.
you wouldnt know their pain,
because you set the lowest bar.

so while it spreads brain to brawn,
stringing hurt all along,
just know this is all your fault.
as you have taken away all they admire,
turned their happiness into false desires,
and you set the wildfire.
its not okay to be unkind, it affects more than yourself and the other person. it changes views and perspectives and offers the ability to hurt.
braelynn Mar 26
i grew up in a house
surrounded by dirt that didnt let flowers bloom,
outside it was always raining
and the windows used to cast
scary and large shadows throughout the room.

inside you held me tight and told me i was safe
at times i woke up in the middle of the night
not wanting to see the next day.
but through all the giving up and cold rainy nights
you tried to keep me warm

its a shame i felt like being alone,
because i live in a storm.
braelynn Mar 26
if every coping mechanism is temporary,
and our pain is underlying permanent,
are we ever really okay?
braelynn Feb 27
im never going to forget
the fact that you let her lay in your arms.
all i can do now is let you hold me
and think about whos really in your arms.
braelynn Feb 26
as i layed in your bed,
tears running down my face,
i still couldnt believe she slept right here.
right where i lay.

it felt so wrong to imagine your arm around her,
why am i not enough?
why didnt you realize it was wrong?
why did you let her stay the night?

I told you to wash your sheets,
you asked why?
i told you i wasnt going to lay in the shadow of a cheater.
braelynn Feb 16
if you really think your comments are going to steer my writing,
youre wrong.
i dont care if you dont understand what they mean,
im playing my own song,
and if you cant catch the beat then im very sorry to say
maybe you werent meant to listen anyway.
braelynn Feb 16
i often wonder what id be like
if i wasnt here
i often wonder if they would care
if i wasnt here
i often wonder if i dont feel like
being here
and i recently figured out
i dont.
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