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Joyce Sayson Sep 20
this would be the worst
of the best day i ever had.
got my happiness
from the most lonely mood i ever felt.
i'm still glad,
even though i'm crying right now.
Joyce Sayson Sep 20
the wind goes wild,
silence kills me.
let me know,
if you'll come back.
Joyce Sayson Aug 23
i don't know how to end things right,
if we drifted apart,
i don't know how to restart
my mind without your heart.
Joyce Sayson Aug 19
this will be the last time i'll be posting something,
so keep reading on this poem,
let me tell you something important,
something that would even change your mind,
something that would force you to say, "I wouldn't leave.",
so here it goes.
Joyce Sayson Aug 19
i might say,
everything's gonna be okay,
not today,
but someday.
Joyce Sayson Aug 18
I love you.
Please let me say this to you clearly,
and I'd rather stay with you all night.
I really miss our conversations.
Every time I see you,
Every time you smile at me,
Those days were the most unique ones.
I wish you're sincere to me,
Every moment you say "I miss you."
I wish we had another chance,
Even if we already had our own lives.
To my unlucky one.

(Read the poem again from the last line up to the first.)
Joyce Sayson Aug 18
at the end of the day,
we're still together.
at the end of this day,
i still love you.
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