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Blossom Jun 2020
The world will turn,
My head it spins,
My stomach churns
I’ll never win.

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Living on time I borrow
Not enough to enjoy.

Here today gone tomorrow,
Never two birds,
Just the one of sorrow
Swallow my words.

The world still turns,
The magpies still sing,
The one of sorrow
Is under my skin.
Blossom May 2019
When I fall into the arms of a current lover and still feel your hands in places I beg them not to be,
That’s how you know you’ve won.
Blossom Apr 2019
Isn’t it strange how stars have no beginning and end?
Look up to the sky and see for yourself;
They are infinite, endless and forever.

Isn’t it strange how those stars decide our lives before we’ve even begun?
Cancer, Aries, Libra, Virgo
You tell me the stars do not define your love for me
Yet our incompatibility is inexplicable

Isn’t it strange how our love burned out?
Just like those stars from centuries ago
The stars may not define our love but they define so much more than that,
For the sun is the biggest star of them all.
Blossom Apr 2019
You saw what you wanted and took it from me
like taking sweets from a child
You came to me and tried to conquer me as if my body were a war
my dignity your victory prize,
a trophy if you will
A symbol that you own me, you own my thoughts
You came, You saw, and You conquered
in the worst sense of every word
Blossom Apr 2019
if the people we surrounded ourselves with were called home
you would be my favourite room

the place I hide when things go sour
how bittersweet it tastes
when you tell me you still love me after all this time
because even though you’re my favourite room in the house,
my address has changed now
I’ve moved streets, cities, a new life and a new house
with a new favourite room
  Apr 2019 Blossom
may 24, 2017
last suicide attempt
everyone blamed you
it was him
he hurt you
why do you even talk to him still?

you were never the reason
you broke up with me that night
and i snapped
the only thing that kept me happy
and i had
zero reason to

it was never your fault...
Blossom Apr 2019
I used to think of you every waking hour
But I’m not awake anymore

— The End —