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When god was impressed with a lad,
booned him the loveliest creation he had.
Someone to dote like a mother,
tease him like a sister and non other.
Someone by his side when in pain,
to enjoy alongwith in the rain.
But he insulted the almighty's trust,
for this was not enough to quench his lust.
Tears flowed off the beautiful eyes,
the petals(lips) turned grey due to the cries.
The bubbly cheeks were now dull,
the baby heart went null.

Still the eternal creation being heartbroken
went on loving the world.

But she will again be bestowed upon someone on this earth,
by the god, to the one who realises her worth.
Another lonely night went past,
with the same old agony at last,

she retired to bed at four,
waiting for someone who had a cure.

Her life is no longer the same,
she,now,doubts if the promises were lame.

She often complains loosing her worth,
when he keep mum like a tot at birth.

For he has nothing to say,
as the circumstances pave the way.

He is aware of her pain within,
she conceals,but he knows what's hidden.

A bond as this,is a house of clay,
a single wave can ruin the play.

Your Palace of dreams has no other trick,
contribute together,brick by brick.

No world is perfect as in a reel,
even a cart cant move with a lesser wheel.

— The End —