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Avixxi Oct 2013
How beautiful it is...
to live life with you
to laugh life with you
to argue life with you
to cry life with you.
How beautiful it is...
to share each passing day
to know that you will be there
even in trying times
as the time goes by.

How beautiful it is...
to be a part of you
to build dreams that might come true
to hold on the way you do.

How beautiful it is...
to have you and to hold you
to be with you and to love you....

...thank you for a beautiful life.
Avixxi Oct 2013
God's love surpasses all things,
All obstacles...
Defies all negative emotions,
Overcomes all difficulties...
And I,
Would like to do the same for you
But since I'm only human...
And I'm not as forgiving,
Nor as humble,
Nor as selfless,
Nor as kind,
I can only love you the way I know...

With all my heart,
My mind,
My soul.

*to my loves
Avixxi Oct 2013
We are born in the same context,
We human of all forms...
We may have different environments,
races, cultures and human norms...

We may have different positions and have
different plans and goals that we pursue...

We may have different beliefs and
opinions in all things that we do...

We may have different moods, temperaments,
attitudes and personalities...

But we all live inside the globe,
separated only by land and seas...

We are all created equal and we are
all similar in many ways...

We may have different problems,
that we encounter day by day...

We all face similar challenges,
it may be great or maybe small...

But we were born and created equal,
by one God who made us all...
Avixxi Oct 2013
As I face the things that aches me
As I ponder upon that breaks me...

I try bringing forth the tears,
Let it escape me.

I silently break into a million pieces...
Don't break my heart like this.

If you want your freedom, just say it.

.....I'm not okay, no I am not.
But I will try to be.
Avixxi Oct 2013
You seem to know me very well
You've learned to adapt the system of my character
But you don't know me well enough,
neither I am with you.

You seem to have cope with my many moods
You seem to know how to handle my irrational being.
You seem to have accepted my eccentric personality.
But you don't know me well enough,
neither am I with you.

I am the cause of my being this
I am the reason of my unhappiness
Not the circumstances nor the situation
Not even you.
Not yourself, not your actions.
Just me.

Forgiveness is not acceptable.
For there is nothing to forgive
Not on your part, but on mine.

I am unexpected...
Somebody hard to cope up with
Nobody can easily understand...
Even I,

(January 17, 2001)
Avixxi Oct 2013
A gushing coldness wash upon me
As I thought of death closing in.
The thought of dying has made me
Think of the things I might have been.

To live your life, be in its fullest
To leave it suddenly is a sad course
You enquire which has been deepest
The people in your life, your living force.

(08.19.2013 | 2:45PM)
Avixxi Oct 2013
The tints of yellow and brown,
Tis' near the fall season now.
See, the parks so beautifully donned
With falling leaves and gentle wind.
So put on light jackets and get comfy
Gear up, set the bed and get ready
As we watch for the Jacksonville Fall Home & Patio Show
With a hot soup bowl, and waiting for snow.
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