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I can't find my words,
to describe what I feel

I can't feel the things,
I need to feel

I can't tell the truth,
to ones who need

Yet I fight
For the soul purpose
Of wanting to live
I walk,
I talk,

I live to die
And die to live,

I am,
But want to be,

Who am I
And who is me?
You don't have to know me,
I don't even wanna know you,
But we both know we need someone to talk to
Share our feelings
Share our views of the world

I like that you're are here
It makes me feel at home
It's all I can see,
Hidden under clothes
Or hidden under me.

Never breaking,
But ill also never be taking,
The chance of you knowing me.
I honestly feel empty,
It was like life had a plan for me
But now it’s all falling apart
Just like bricks falling from an old building.

The process goes slow yet too fast,
I’m trying to make it stop
But can you even stop a building from falling apart?

You can try holding it all together,
Hold it with ropes,
Put the fallen bricks back,
But in the long term they’ll just fall again.
It’s just absolutly useless.

The only possible thing that would solve your problem
Would be making it equal to the ground,
Starting all over again,
Right from the point you started all those many years ago.

But that takes time,
Time you don’t have,
Money you can’t spend,

The empty feeling will stay,
Yet I rather have it that way.
Sometimes they are all what I see,
Those days make me hate myself.
Its a sea,
A sea of thoughts
they fly through my head,
I can't stop them,
they just keep going and going.

then it just all stops,
Like the sea went silent.
Like the sea doesn't want to do anything anymore,
its tired,
Yet it cant sleep,
It just starts thinking again..
Life ain't always easy,
You can tell that by the scars on my body,
They all tell a different story that doesn't want to be told.
It's a way of crying for help,
But at the same time not wanting it,
It's a trap,
A trap that makes you think everything is gonna be okay,
When yet I still sit here,
just me and my scars.
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