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Idabelle Apr 18
To my bb,
The master writer,
The archaeologist,
The boy who holds my heart.

I believe in you,
Always and forever,
Even when we’re apart.

I love when you ask for help,
Or when you ask for advice,
But anything that you do is art.

So keep writing, keep working,
Because, just like the cotton,
Our love is strong and durable,
Even when we’re apart.
Idabelle Apr 18
If you're a somebody
there's a name, a face, a person
you wake up and you are and you see
other somebodies
you have a day
of adding to you
you who have your some
and you sleep
being a somebody
with your some
with your some
just a future
just a somebody

If you're a body
there's a name, a photograph, a memory
you never wake and you were and you don't see
those that are still somebodies
who have a day
without you
you who no longer has any some
and you sleep sleep sleep
being a body
no more some
no more some
just a past
just a body

— The End —