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P Oct 2018
watching you on that huge platform
watching you dancing with your heart on your mouth
watching you moving your feet with the rhythm of the song
watching you delivering love and peace when you shout

you keep that smile even in rough times
you always give too much of your own
you know that sometimes you can’t sleep at night
you can’t see the time to go home

there are so many things that I watch you do
there are also things that you think you can’t do
there is a little possibility that I end up with you tonight but
there is something that I really like to do

is watching you there giving your body and your soul.
- P (@bbibbi_p)
I wrote this poem after watching his performance at the last show in Europe. I’m enchanted with his passion when he dances and the happiness that he delivers while singing and laughing with the members. That place is his happy place. And I’m more proud to be able to see that.
P Oct 2018
beginning to fall asleep
my brain keeps opening my eyes
we’re just at the start of a good night
the fact that you are not next to me
makes me realize a couple of things
sadness is accompanied with words,
words that pop out my head screaming your name
missing you makes me stronger than I am
loving you makes me weaker than I am
But I will still be loving you today and still be missing you like the last couple of days
Anyways, I will love you less than tomorrow and more than yesterday.
- P (@bbibbi_p)
this poem is inspired by the most amazing person, dancer and singer (according to my tastes) Park Jimin.

— The End —