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Feb 2011

I cast you out for pandering your ***


You are shameful

On you

I gift this hex:

If you need to be the object of manly gratification
If you have no interest in the freedom or the liberation
Then your life will now be governed by the exploitation
A vessel pure and simple for man’s *******


You are worthless

**** upon my shoe

Read between the lines my friend

Figure out the *clue

For it is in here somewhere

Deep within this write

Nothing's ever as it seems

Nothing's black and white


Does a bloke walk round?

With his ***** hanging out?

Does he emphasize his testicles?

Does he bandy it about?

I think you know the answer

Just stop and use that brain

Then maybe in the future

Equality will rightly be reclaimed

But all the time you flaunt your ****

****** you ***** in their face

You, my friend

To the sisterhood

Are a ******* skanky **** disgrace

Wake up and smell the Costa

For conditioning is wrong

You need to understand

You cause The Cause to be prolonged

This is my stand

I hold my own

I’m never fazed

By stick nor stone

For I know deep within my heart

The value of my worth

I will never sell my principles

For merriment or mirth

*So … please …. just take a moment

To digest

The words within this write

Unharness faux benevolent blinkers

Because this is our absolute pre-emptive right
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