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BTW Sep 2022
Tide of Age
18 September 2022

Remembering the dates, the times, the pain, the loss,
The tides of age wash over me. A deluge of memory,
Wasting, waiting, finishing me.
All has changed, all was new, all unknown, All, gone.
Where are the shores, the craigs of rock, the sand dunes,
That gave me peace and place, defined me, defiled me?
Rattling, rolling, bruised, I lay tattered on it’s mound.
Age destroyed my trophies, gold turned to old brass, broken glass.
None keeps what they win, wanted.
Tomorrow I will be consumed in the thirst of life.
Tomorrow, perhaps you will join me.
Tomorrow, perhaps you will see me.
Tide of age, all time unstoppable, all time loving you.
All time, loving you. Loving you. Loving you.
BTW Sep 2022
Every Day
16 September 2022

You are brave, beautiful, pure.
On every corner, in every place.
I don't know you, or your face..
Simply you live, one day die.
BTW Sep 2022
When you are a dreamer
14 September 2022

When you are a dreamer,
Your dreams show all true.
If you are a schemer,
Trouble waits you.

When you’re a dreamer,
Rewards thin and few,
Old love kisses are due,
Romance waits impatient anew.

When you are a dreamer,
Passion steams drum.
Heat weans in shelter,
Sheets left benumbed.

Music fill the morn,
Trumpet blow your horn.
Body holds no warning,
Love sweet and warm.

When you are a dreamer,
Need of great success,
Dreams lost manifest.
BTW Aug 2022
Pillow Talk
3- August 2022

Head on my pillow, I watch you
sitting on the side of our bed. Hair tussled, eyes closed, night gown twisted showing a bare leg and breast.
You look pretty as a kitten in a basket.

You stretch over, touch my shoulder, bend down for a musty kiss. Soft lips part. Pillow Talk.
BTW Aug 2022
Hard Times
26 August 2023

Sudden cold winds sweep the net.
Wrap up wool, thick blankets.
Leave the others, awaiting play.
Little sign, still damp gray.

Dog wandered days ago,
Nott. an easy sow.
Coins totalled wood,
Poor neighborhood.
Family month of pain,
Marking time, time again.
Fears have passed,
Courage strong.
Covid facts,
Street gone wrong.

West coast in sight,
Pavement empty.
Next tough night,
Not so plenty.  
Forage wide ditch,
For meal and clothes.
Nature’s mind must switch,
Wild red rose.

When you can’t get upstream,
When all seem wet dreams.
Alone, struggle true bereft.
When hard times have riches theft,
Spend your day, looking west,
Follow the dog, with wagging tail
She “nose””the way, never fails.
BTW Aug 2022
25 August 2022

Blood red on edge,
They pledge,
Blood thick edge,
Home hunger stolen.

Truck gray rolling,
Soldiered stripe,
Green to rust pipe.

Held memory lost,
Promise morn frost.
BTW Aug 2022
15 August 2022.

Without judgement or restraint, you curled me,
Celebrating our love and passion, true and free.
Dancing on sweet air,
Hold me, caress me, touch fair,
Every nerve feasting.
My soul, my body, your spirits intwine.
Medusa's blessing.
Kisses soak unbinding, no moral taint,
On a sea of love, we travel heaven’s gate.

Be free, you said, anything you want, I will.
I trust you. Such love God's fill.
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