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beatrice Jan 30
i think you hated yourself a little more inside your head
when you had no reassurance you were inside someone else's.
you can laugh with a mouth wide open now without worry.
in class near her, you've found your home away from home.
you love her so ******* much and it's ******* amazing.
to a friend.
beatrice May 2019
do you remember,
you hadn't seen snow before?
your lips burned with cold.
to a cousin.
beatrice May 2019
it was on that day
she started drawing people
for herself again.
beatrice May 2019
if i went away,
how long would it be before
you had replaced me?
not about suicide, don't worry
beatrice May 2019
i think i've stopped
drawing people so much
because how on earth
could i draw anything
as beautiful as he is?
beatrice May 2019
please tell me, straight-faced,
across from you doesn't sit
a living nightmare.
beatrice May 2019
it's hard to keep still,
i tell her, eyeliner brush
tickling my eyelids.
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