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Azaria Jan 22
it’s lonely
having all the right
words at the wrong times
you take up so much space
when you’re alienating
i always wondered if
anger is hereditary
passed down like
bad habits and last names
or does it set in like dementia
and complacency
your fire swallows up
the majority of our
love when you forget to
Azaria Jan 18
i guess it's true
that you can't have
all the things you want
at once
all this intersection
between words and perception
i am not the person you
think i am
or maybe i am
my face just looks
different from various
angles and near
Azaria Jan 18
all this time
avoiding completion
half drank candles
and cycles of
i want to split
you open
and find all
the answers
that i've been looking for
you come with solutions
like extended time
and more words
you make my entire body
when you do that thing when
i'm on my side
i like you by my side
inside me
like your laughter
on all the days
you are warm
like eternity
Azaria Dec 2020
there's no way
that you couldn't
have known that
i was coming
that you couldn't feel
me trembling
on the cusp
of march
i loved you as soon
as i knew you
i just didn't realize
it until now
you fit perfectly
into my life/
next to my body
i miss sleeping
naked with you
at peace and
in alignment
Azaria Dec 2020
i love you
like experiencing
for the first time
palm trees and
unique synchronization
lax time
and all hours
with you
i have known your
grandmother in
a past life
maybe we share
the same souls
maybe it's you
at the center of
it all
Azaria Aug 2020
every day you play
with the light of
the universe
you are more than
these warm hands
i hold tightly
like bottles of wine
and childhood memories
body of man
your shoulders
take form of mountains
that i have dreamed of

absorbing your
energy from the sun
through your
own process
of photosynthesis
turning light into
you have accepted me
in all shades and forms

i want our children
to have the
under your eyes
that get deeper
when you love me

i want you through
the seasons
of time and weather
cycles of chaos and

i want to celebrate
you in real time
licking your smooth
like the folds of
a blunt
sealing up all the good
for later

i will bring you
happy omens from the universe, good kush, sunny days, and baskets of tongue kisses
i want to do with you what
spring does to the cherry trees
personal take on pablo neruda’s, “everyday you play.”
Azaria Jul 2020
we take sun
like no one else
true leos
in our best
like nature
you perform for
verdant like
the origin of green
you are beautiful
and alive
like springtime
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