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Ayrah Bellosillo Nov 2015
The silence that surrounded her made her shiver

Could this be the sound that’ll last forever?

Forgiven by those eyes gaping at her

She blinked once.. twice and never.

It was when she realized

That the last tear she have, already fell

And that the silence will forever be there

Along with the resonating cries that could no longer be with her.
Ayrah Bellosillo Sep 2015
You just need to learn how to wait.
Love is more satisfying if you're ready for it.
Ayrah Bellosillo Sep 2015
Right now..
Someone is admiring you
Someone is thinking of you
Someone is longing for your love
Someone is waiting for you to come
Someone is ready to catch you when you fall

You are admiring another man
You are thinking of that man
You are longing to be love by that man
You are waiting for the love that can not be given by that man
You fell so deep in love with the wrong man
Ayrah Bellosillo Sep 2015
The end is near
And at the end I know you're still there
Can you take me somewhere?
Somewhere where "endings" are rare?

I don't want to let go
But I have to
Can you take me with you?
Until everything turns to blue?
Ayrah Bellosillo Sep 2015
Can you see the love I have for you?
        Look into my eyes.
                And tell me how much I have.
Thanks Kristo Frost. I appreciated it.
Ayrah Bellosillo Sep 2015
it was a cold winter when i first met you
i smiled at how pretty you were wearing that blue coat

that was the start of our love story..

i felt so shy, and my cheeks were burning red
i fell in love.. falling in your eyes..

i believe our meeting was a miracle
everything was a dream come true..

sincerely, i'll always remember our memories
together.. forever..
thank you, my love.
Ayrah Bellosillo Jul 2015
'twas just a minute with you on the couch
fifteen seconds of pure laughter
fifteen seconds of heart thumping moments
ten seconds of exchanging pretty smiles
five seconds of heart stopping gaze
five seconds of silence
five seconds of pure hoping
five seconds of goodbye
'twas just a minute with you on the couch
but a minute seems an infinity
an infinity of memories
memories to cherish
to cherish forever.
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