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AT Talbott Aug 2015
Pencil straight pines hold up the blue
Of an honest Carolina sky
Rich sandhills on ancient shores
Illicit smiles of wry
AT Talbott Aug 2015
Like a pike
Through my skull
Her sadness
Impales me
AT Talbott Jul 2015
Hydrangea framed in cedar shake
Pastel blossoms for display
Ghosts of whales & whalers past
Salty mist of Atlantic spray
AT Talbott Jun 2015
Demon ***
Fill me up
Numbish tongue
Blur, slur much
AT Talbott May 2015
A horse blanket of Navajo design  
Serape the hues of Montana's sky
Prairie quilt vibrant as Great Plains thunder
Oregon looms weave history's wonder
AT Talbott Feb 2015
Crash!  Boom!  Stomp!
Warlike scream bellows
Fierce knees and elbows
The Haka is the traditional dance of the Maori of New Zealand.
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