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Dec 2014 · 373
Here and there
Axl Rose Dec 2014
We utter "I miss you" more often now
One way
Of keeping our memories alive
In our hearts
That our absence
Could mean presence
No eye to eye contacts
Unable to hold hands
And exert a whisper
But I could hear how your heart beats
Just a little louder today
When you're 10 000 miles away
Nov 2014 · 404
When do we stop?
Axl Rose Nov 2014
They say that you only get mad at the people you love
To those who you care for
You get mad at the things they do
and at which they don't
Sometimes you don't have the right to feel that way
Other times you do
Could you really blame someone for that
Could you really blame them
When they started seeing
How things are falling apart
Nov 2014 · 377
Flows and overflows
Axl Rose Nov 2014
Your name
Sends signal
To my veins
Is this the spot
Where I reached your heart?
Oct 2014 · 349
Axl Rose Oct 2014
Curtains closed
Reality check
Monthly exams
Are you ready
To get over with
All the unnecessary
To finally start something
That will make your life
More meaningful
Instead of just waiting
For something to fall
Climb up there
'Cause in order to get there
You need to move somewhere
Oct 2014 · 344
Axl Rose Oct 2014
In life, you meet so many people. Go to a variety of places. Drink wine. Eat a lot of good food. You prefer to do a lot. You love. You learn. You sin. You forgive. You forget. Time doesn't wait for a bus ride or a stop sign. There were always a lot times when you feel like doing all at the same time.

Meet people. Go to variety of places, drink wine and eat a lot of good food with them. You learn to love. Each gets to sin. You forgive but won't feel like forgetting. You do these things altogether. Somehow wishing that after all that has been done, new things come after.

You get tired. You get bored. You get lonely.

You'd want something new.
Escape from the cycle.

You get a lot of things you don't want.
And those you want, you don't get.
Oct 2014 · 382
Axl Rose Oct 2014
All the feelings
I have been
For you
I need to keep going
'Cause it's more difficult
When I'm the only person
Who's pushing
Oct 2014 · 347
Beauty in Random
Axl Rose Oct 2014
A quick glance
And stutter
Genuine smiles
And your scent
Keep brushing my hair
'Cause it's the little things
That matter
Oct 2014 · 352
Axl Rose Oct 2014
Misleading actions
Immediate reactions
Bluff, honey
I need your money
For every white lie
I could almost buy
Everything I set my eyes into
Of what you have gone through
Just to make me feel okay
When all you really did
Was to make me feel astray
Sep 2014 · 303
Axl Rose Sep 2014
I have always loved the idea of something new, words that rhyme and an effortless wit. How hard the pounding of every syllable, the way you stress and breathe whenever you pause. I like looking at you, for I could almost confess I see through you. In some ways I do. You shine with your gestures. Insanity comes before and after you speak and just about every time. I am looking into your eyes, as they glow against the sun that shines a little less today than you do. Behind the dark clouds are your hands that caught some of the stars. You gave two of them to me and said I could keep them. I asked for another. Because most people tend to give their loved ones three of things. Signifying those famous three words that could somehow give you the world you need or the world you wish you have. I was a little disappointed and thought, "These are only 'I love'. Where's 'you'?" You smiled at me. And at that very moment, I knew exactly where my third star is.
Sep 2014 · 230
Axl Rose Sep 2014
After all these months,
You're still the same
Your hair, nose and mouth
Did you hear how my heart shouts
"I miss you, honey."
I miss the times when you're with me.
If I could see you again
Every moment with you, I would never want to end
Sep 2014 · 25.4k
First meeting
Axl Rose Sep 2014
Stood so tall
Teeth so bright
How could you make me feel so right?
With just one look
That's all it took
For me to risk the pain
If you could make me love again
Aug 2014 · 212
Axl Rose Aug 2014
This is one of the nights
When I think of you
Feels like holding tight
From where I'm lying
'Cause you took me to places
I wasn't hoping
You took me to a place where we were both happy
It was quite a while
Feels like everything was a lie
Which I have considered as lovely
Lovelier when you're around
But loveliest when I'm with you
I have yet to clear all these messes
I have searched for places
You're everywhere but here
I touched the hand which once caressed yours
I touched the cheek that met your right
My hair still smells the same
I still call for your name
Aug 2014 · 655
Axl Rose Aug 2014
A day like this
I'd definitely miss
How we both laughed at the same jokes
Over and over until someone chokes
Some days I had to pretend
Those I have still to mend
But this is yet temporary
We all search for a journey
You might not be here today
But I know we'll cross to that intersection someday
So I'll see you
And when we do
I won't tell you I missed you
Cause everyday, I always do
Aug 2014 · 273
Life is difficult
Axl Rose Aug 2014
Even more when you lack so many things
Those you badly need in order to live
As easy as possible
Some need to fight
But in my case
I just don't need to fight harder
I need to win
Jul 2014 · 348
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I can't keep something I don't have
I can't like someone I won't have
So there's really nothing that we have
In order to fight to have
Each other's halves
Jul 2014 · 2.5k
Axl Rose Jul 2014
When do we win?

When you finished a race first place?
When you graduated Valedictorian?
When you hit the lottery?
When you see your family happy
When you can eat at least 3 times a day
When you get to be educated

You just don't win occasionally.
You could win daily.
You have to win daily.
Jul 2014 · 22.1k
Axl Rose Jul 2014
How long could it get
Before it breaks
The finish line
Tell yourself
But don't run."
Jul 2014 · 704
Axl Rose Jul 2014
A triangle has three sides
Just like every human being
1. The side you show
2. One you hide
3. And the truth
Each sides measures differently.
Unfortunately, number 3. has the least.
Jul 2014 · 445
If I were born rich
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I would be pursuing a different career

I would travel the world

I would kiss my money goodbye
To buy all things
If I wanted them
I'll get them

I would be eating meals
Take naps
In hotel rooms


I breathe fresh air
I don't commute


I'll drink wine every night


Sleep on the comfort of my bed
Plan what to do tomorrow
But I would not be who I am today
Inspiration: Marriage and Family lecture
Jul 2014 · 322
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I am here
There are things
I would want to miss
And not encounter
But there might be those
I would miss
When I don't encounter
So I'm not going to miss one
So I would miss none
Misses Miss
Jul 2014 · 2.5k
Axl Rose Jul 2014
The fight
I knew
Because of sight

I fly
Towards you

To help you
And be with you

We win some
We lose some
But my love for you
Is greater than any sum
Determination UnconditionalLove Love Family Success
Jul 2014 · 478
Just Another
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I knew you have someone else
So having feelings for you doesn't make sense
I tried to hide
But every time, we happen to collide
You were always there
And always cared
In the end,
I was about to bend
So before I break
I started to shake
All my feelings away
But you wanted to stay
You didn't know
What I feel
You will never know
How much it kills
Jul 2014 · 674
Axl Rose Jul 2014
"Move on", they said
So I took a step
"Learn from it."
So I never stopped studying even a bit.

But I didn't know which book to read
Who was I to plead?
Who would give me answers
When I'm the only person who's after

From who we were used to be
I have always wanted to see
The way we were before
On that distant blue shore

When you first told me you love me
It was like those waves hit me
It was an invitation card

To your heart
Sent personally
You were so lovely
With those eyes

That once cried from my lies
I have always been so sorry
For everything and told you not to worry
"You were the only person I wanted."

But it still took me to find another
I was confused
And I made you feel used
You decided to end our relationship being together

Because it wasn't just only about love for each other
Trust and loyalty
We lost each other that instant
When it took me years to have you when you were so distant
Jul 2014 · 398
Axl Rose Jul 2014
From the corner of my eye
I have seen how you walked this road
Courage and your undying passion
Right under my nose
I have smelled your fragrance
Like a flower, bloomed graciously from its seed
An open ear
That I have heard your soft but intimidating voice
The way your lips meet and part ways
It's like an unending cycle
That I would always encounter
And wonder
How these lips would meet those
When all of my senses have grown fond of you
But I might never even touch you
Jul 2014 · 273
What I'll Do
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I see you
"I'll only look at you."

I'll kiss you
"There's no other than you."

I feel you
"I won't ever let go of you."

"I'll only look at you."
"There's no other than you."
"I won't ever let go of you."
Things I'll do.. when I don't even have you.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I think I'm crazy
I might be
Am I going to be?
'Cause you're not here with me
Where are you anyway?
Are you okay?
Well, I hope you're doing perfectly well
I'm fine, since you didn't ask
Wait, you did not ask
What did I say I was?
Oh I was lying
But would you know I was?
It might be that this time I am
Or it was earlier that I was
But then again
How would you know about me
Oh, don't mind me
I have told you
I'm crazy
I might be already
I have gone, just maybe
Jul 2014 · 330
Axl Rose Jul 2014
There was a time in my life
I was assured of my expectancy
It was because he said to me
"I would promise", "I promise"
I believed so 'cause he did promise
But that's how past tense works right
He promised
What are promises anyway?
Is it about how do we go constantly fulfilling them?
But there would come a time when you can no longer hold
A time when a promise would mean a lie full of hopes
Is it still okay to hold on to that promise?
But then how would it be a promise if you are no longer in any capability of granting it?
What's it called then?
Or a failure of such pledge?
When does a machine run out of energy?
When do birds usually stay on their nests?
Why are there nights when we could have just days?
Even God made a rest day within the busy week
So when do people end something and mark a point?
Is it when they have had enough
Or they didn't have the enough?
Jul 2014 · 444
Little Too Overwhelming
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I didn’t know how we were so
In love that I didn’t know how
We were so reckless and selfless
I had no idea how to love you any less

You made me feel so blissful
Didn’t notice how rainbow could be so colorful
We were always happy together
I was so sure we would be able to get anywhere

With our love so strong
Feels like nothing was ever wrong
You gave me sunshine during nights
Then a moon that ever shines so bright

But you didn’t give me that same light during days
When I can see all clearly
The way you blink and every other thing of your detail
And so I’ve read that this is all going to end, just like those fairy tales

You were my shining armor
You were my happy ever after
The one who’d find me with the lost shoe
Who’d still consider me the fairest of them all

But you were also the one who hurt me
The person who’d spill all my secrets
The villain I’d forever regret having
The person who knows exactly what was about me worth destroying

So I guess if this means we need an ending like all those tales do
I’d make it sure I’m the one who’s choosing
So I had to close the book
‘Cause I finally realized how fiction looks
Jul 2014 · 1.6k
Axl Rose Jul 2014
Why do people consider it as an "effort" when you express your emotions into words by having to translate them using pen and paper?
It took the same effort to think about it,
Same way you raise your left eyebrow,
Bite your lower lip,
Scratch your head
And just plain thinking.
But I'd always prefer it
Postcards, letters, sticky notes, stamps and stationaries.
In that way, I'll discover so many things.
Your choices.
I could imagine how you made them.
How much you put into picking the most striking marker,
The smoothest paper
To give me a sign
A single hint of how much the fragrance of the paper,
The strokes of every letter formed,
The mistakes you put a cover on already
In order to find the perfect words to match with each.
All these, to show me not just what you feel
But also of what you are made of.
The boldness in you,
The things you rather hide
And some you wouldn't want to forget
That remind you of so many things
Even the little ones
So you sealed them, put colorful stamps and send it to your second home which you have found in me.
Jul 2014 · 3.2k
To: Rain
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I love the rain
When it brings cold
When it makes your coffee tastes better
When I get to be near you under the umbrella
When we complement it with hugs

But I love it more when it's gone
And that the rainbow symbolizes there's peace again
At least rainbows don't make noises
It doesn't pour on you
It doesn't bring darkness but all the right colors

I love the rain
Even more when it stopped
And the most when I don't feel it

— The End —