Anastasia Dec 6
through the eerie
nature of night,
a bright light
is my comfort.
a beacon of
Anastasia Dec 6
eyelids close,
your apparition fades
into darkness-
into feeble reminiscents
of times spent
breaking boundaries.
eyelids open,
your hand envelopes mine
in a manner so realistic
that it almost
fazes my senses.
  Dec 6 Anastasia
Sehar Bajwa
you were
a learning curve
I tripped over
on my way.
Anastasia Dec 4
If I were to dissipate
would everything
correct itself
would the minuscule
snow globe,
I have engulfed myself into,
collapse under the sudden removal
of an insignificant
I need to reassure myself sometimes that without fear I wouldn’t be human. Without hatred I wouldn’t be normal.
What would become of me if the emotion that many felt towards others had inescapably refracted towards myself- and I had no power to overcome it?
Anastasia Nov 26
daring moods
with intertwined laughter
and tangled legs in the midst of the night
where flickering shadows
expose fragments of images:
oil stained crystal-coloured eyes,
dark tousled hair that tickles cheeks
and wandering hands too.
daring moods
with arching backs,
quiet neck kisses
and hushed comments.
daring mood
when four words
escape rosy lips-
I quite love you.
daring mood
in which there is

no response back.
I feel as though there is a disconnection between myself and the ones I am meant to love, the ones that are good to and for me in which I disregard my affections towards them.
There seemed to be a lack of cure. Until you.
The first one to tell me that he loves me.
The first one that I feel I love back.
Anastasia Nov 19
Sunny days will never cease to
It's only when you close your
that suddenly the light goes
Better days are also around the corner during the dark ones
Anastasia Nov 12
A full beaming moon
with it’s crates and it’s mounds
the orbiting sphere that was was once believed to be the root cause of craziness.
Yet here it was,
illuminating the room
where a hushed video call had begun.
Two giddy teens
blissfully chatting,
Her eyes had begun to droop in accordance to the darkening sky,
while his kept themselves busy on her.
His fixated eyes held an unreadable
passion of tenderness
as he longingly gazed upon her
reddening skin.
If only the moon had shone ever so brighter,
it would’ve uncovered that her feelings had mirrored his
as her stomach erupted into minuscule butterflies.
Love can manifest into unreadable feelings- enjoy them before they dissipate into thin air with time.

— The End —