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AR Feb 2019
I am a frequent visitor of Rock Bottom
Let me tell you it's one hell of a place
From the moment your eyes open in the morning
Hopelessness greets you with a smile on its face

Some of my visits are shorter than others
A long weekend, maybe a night or two
But no matter the length of the visit
The same activities are always waiting for you

We start the day with some deep over-thinking
By lunch its time to continuously cry
Evening is full of self hatred
Come nightfall you stop asking the question "why?"

The environment is less than appealing
The reviews state: dull, dreary, cold and grey
The views only get sadder and bleaker
The longer one decides to stay

Even though the visit is awful
And the experience is less than OK
One can't help but return to Rock Bottom
Each time life turns to utter disarray.
AR Oct 2018
My sentence?  Life imprisonment
Trapped within an invisible cell
Condemned to endure a silent torture
In a self-created hell.

Each day the same as the last one
A routine known off by heart
Granted family and friends play the role of extras
But I always star as the leading part.

The role of the happy-go-lucky
Who laughs and always seems overjoyed
Who comes to the aid of the extras
But happy-go-lucky inside feels destroyed.

Completely defeated serving this life sentence
It seems theres no hope of gaining parole
Questioning a future outside of this self made prison
Ill mental health finally taking its toll.
AR Jul 2018
"You know if you dislike people?
That stops you growing as a person."
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