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1.6k · Sep 2015
A lesson from history
Arcanus Sep 2015
Adolf ****** was really quite a chap
He made those Froggies eat a lot of crap;
And he made all those Norwegians
Look like a load of paraplegians.
He marched into Poland with his troops
Into their pants those Poles did poops.
He made short work of the poor old Greeks:
And in their pants they did big keeks.
Killing the Jews was oh so bad and cruel:
Burning them up for harsh winter fuel.
But invading Russia was a bad place to go
And the Nazis froze in the cold and snow.
The Yanks were frightened to join in the war:
They were **** scared of what they saw;
(they only got involved when the Japanese
brought the Pearl Harbour fleet to its knees).
Only the Brits stood resolute and brave
For Churchill was an inspiring knave;
He fought Adolf on the shores and beaches
And the Germans crapped their leder-britches.
So what is the lesson of these facts from history?
Not ****** much - what a ******* mystery.
I await your words of praise and other comments too.
675 · Sep 2015
Arcanus Sep 2015
Spring's rain and winds have blown away;
Summer has died and Autumn too.
But in the sad emptiness of my heart
Winter beckons me to its cold embrace.
It is now so many long Decembers past
Since I lost the one true love of my life;
No, she did not die, I cast her out proudly
As she refused to leave her unloved spouse.
A victim of religious hypocrisy.
And now we both dread the future on our own,
Self-pitying victims of our idiotic pride.

— The End —